Parent Education

The Vancouver Waldorf School offers opportunities throughout the year for parents and community members to learn more about Waldorf Education, to find ways of incorporating Waldorf Philosophy into the home, and to help bridge Parent-Teacher relationships. Our guest speakers include Waldorf teachers and advisors, and experts in child development.

The Seven Years – Seminar Series

First Seven Years – Laying the Foundation For Life

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, we understand that a child’s experiences in the first seven years set a foundation for life. What can parents and teachers do to support a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development? Each session builds on earlier sessions, and we encourage participants to attend the series as a whole.
Drop-ins are welcome, however, please adults only.

Mindfulness & Anxiety: Facing Anxiety and Cultivating Resilience through Mindfulness

with Brian Dean Williams (MA, RCC, CCC)

Brian helps raise awareness about anxiety, the causes & effects, and offers tools and resources to help manage. Understand the prevalence of anxiety in youth, and learn how to respond when your child expresses difficulty and how to recognize the signs in children who aren’t coping.

Askable Adult 101 Sexual Health Parent Workshop – NEW DATE February 25

with Jessy Wollen

In this workshop, participants build comfort in discussing and teaching challenging topics such as body science, safe and unsafe touching, appropriate behaviour, and sensuality and sexuality.
Participants will become clear on their personal values about relationships, safety, and sexuality and develop strategies to foster meaningful conversations with the children in their lives. Parents of all grades welcome, although the content will be focused on adolescence (age 13+).


Simplicity Parenting

with Kim John Payne

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