Parent Education

Parent Education

The Vancouver Waldorf School offers opportunities throughout the year for parents and community members to learn more about Waldorf Education, to find ways of incorporating Waldorf Philosophy into the home, and to help bridge Parent-Teacher relationships. Our guest speakers include Waldorf teachers and advisors, and experts in child development.

The “No-Maybe-Yes” Years: Preparing for Parenting Tweens and Teens

with Kim John Payne

This presentation is designed to help parents of tweens and teenagers, and to help prepare parents of younger children for the years ahead. It will highlight issues affecting young people, between the ages of 8 and 18, and offer workable strategies for navigating what can be one of the most difficult periods for parents, teachers, and teenagers alike.


Inner Life of Bees Study Group

Building Social Health in a Digital Age

with Christof Wiechert

The Seven Years – Seminar Series

First Seven Years – Laying the Foundation For Life

At the Vancouver Waldorf School we understand that a child’s experiences in the first seven years set a foundation for life. What can parents and teachers do to support a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development? Each session builds on earlier sessions, and we encourage participants to attend the series as a whole.
Drop-ins are welcome however, please adults only.

Second Seven Years – The Child’s Journey through Grade School

How does Waldorf education nurture the development of children throughout their formal academic learning in Grades 1 through Grade 8? Please join us for an in-depth look at how the Waldorf curriculum teaches academics by touching the hearts of children and meeting their inner need for true authority, providing security for them to reach out into the world.
A Lecture for Parents.

The Third Seven Years – Towards Responsibility of Soul

How does Waldorf education nurture the development of the adolescent student? Please join us for a presentation characterizing the stages of adolescent development through the four high school years, and on how the curriculum supports the student in his or her journey through those stages toward becoming a responsible human being in our time.
A Lecture for Parents & Teachers.