Health And Wellness

Health and Wellness

Manuel I Salgado MA, RCC

Psychotherapy, Counseling, Biomagnetism, Reiki and Bach Flowers from the heart. Seventeen years experience.

778 316 3764
3720 Hoskins Road, North Vancouver BC, V7K 2N8
Waldorf family business
The Violet Heart/Ronaye Ireland

Energy Healing, Crystal Bed Therapy, Integral Sound Therapy
The Violet Heart is a healing studio space nestled in the heart of Lynn Valley, North Vancouver and a place where you are supported to release, align, discover and affirm total peace and wellness. Ronaye Ireland, an Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner with over 30 years in the energy healing field, welcomes you on your journey towards health and wellness.

Services offered:
Integrative Energy Healing
Integral Sound Massage
Crystal Bed Healing
Flower Essences

… aligning and empowering peace and wellness….

3720 Hoskins Road, North Vancouver, BC V7K 2N8
Waldorf family business
Gift certificates available

Holistic Facial – Exquisitely Restorative, your 2-Hour “Dr. Hauschka Classic (Holistic Face & Body) Treatment” is designed to support your temperament and skin type while warming, detoxifying, and restoring overall balance. Breath deeply during your grounding & lymph-stimulating foot-bath, followed by a rhythmic series of aromatic facial compresses, purifying and nourishing masks, rhythmic lymphatic effleurage of extremities, face, neck, shoulders and décolleté. Rest your nervous system in the privacy of a comforting home treatment space. Rhythmic Holistic Face and Body Treatment includes biodynamic/organic/rhythmetised preparations from Dr. Hauschka Holistic Face and Body Care. We carry the complete line of Dr. Hauschka therapeutic oils, baths, skin care and decorative cosmetics. Holistic Facial & Store by appointment only. Personalized treatments of varying duration and price are available by request. All treatments & Dr. Hauschka store open by appointment.

Please call or email Patti Bosomworth, Certified Dr. Hauschka Specialist; Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist; Somatic Experiencing Practitioner; Certified Pre and Perinatal/Attachment Practitioner; once upon a time VWS Kindergarten Teacher, and alumni parent.

438 West 27th Street, North Vancouver
Friends of the Waldorf School
Sunshine Coast Allergies – BioEnergetics

Allergy testing and clearing through BioEnergetics, a modality combining homeopathy and acupuncture.

Clinic opening December 14th on 6th and Granville. If you know anyone with allergies, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, migraines, colicky babies, insomnia, separation anxiety, bedwetting, etc…please send them my way.

Most allergens only have to be cleared once… fast and effective!
Friends of the Waldorf School

About Laura Montgomery, RSW, MSW
Laura has extensive experience serving individuals and families as they navigate transitions, grief and loss, and transform life-negating patterns. Some of the areas Laura works with include anxiety, depression, OCD, post-trauma integration, relationship challenges, parenting, and divorce and separation. Laura believes that challenges become a path to building self-esteem and resiliency. Laura’s approach is to serve as an active guide to develop the foundation for a life lived in alignment with one’s purpose and in meaningful relationship with others.

Laura has a special interest in attachment and parenting. Laura has trained in the relational developmental parenting approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld at the Neufeld Institute. As a mother herself, she understands that there are both joys and challenges in parenting. Laura is heartfelt and practical in working to strengthen the child-parent attachment, both within her own life and that of her clients.
Laura has been trained in specialized somatic body based therapies that have greatly benefited her clients. She is also dedicated to mindfulness, and integrates these effective skills into the therapeutic context.

Warmth, humour, direct communication, compassion and humanity are found in each encounter with Laura. She honours the life challenges, courage, and wisdom that bring each person to her door. Laura works collaboratively and tailors her therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each person and family. Working with Laura bridges the inner work of growth with practical steps that clients can take with them into their lives.

113-2419 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver
Waldorf family business
Martina Parusel

Reinvent yourself! Through deep inner experiences and transformations of the past and present, one has the ability to live a life filled with purpose, clarity and joy.
I invite you to explore your multi-incarnations/dimensions (Past Life regression). Shining light into parent/child relationships is especially helpful to create greater love, understanding and peace in the family and our world. Would you like more harmony in your relationship with your child/teenager?

North Vancouver/International
Waldorf family business
A complementary intake session
Dr. Carla Cupido – Chiropractor

Dr. Carla Cupido
HON.B.KIN, D.C., Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, RYT®200
DNS, DNS-Yoga, FMS®, SFMA®, Graston®, Previous ART® (Biomechanics, Spine, Upper, Lower, Masters), Kinesio®Taping, FAP™

With an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Diploma of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University and as a Registered Yoga Teacher, I’ve spent countless hours learning about health, wellness, movement, and what it means to live in whole health. As a passionate learner and educator, sharing what I’ve learned with others lights me up, while empowering others to step into their best health and lives.

I’m grateful to have been featured in leading magazines such as The Oprah Magazine, news segments, corporate media products such as Gaia and Air Canada’s En Route, as well as in a variety of online media. In addition to this, I have the fortune of leading corporate lectures and workshops and authoring numerous articles in popular publications as well as several case studies in peer-focused journals.

When people feel great in their bodies, they have the power to live their best lives. I work with my patients using hands-on techniques, corrective exercise cuing and habit re-correction to help their bodies feel and move wonderfully.

1277 Lynn Valley Rd #319
Waldorf family business
Vital Body Weight Loss Centre

Vital Body is an Authorized Ideal Protein Clinic with offices in Burnaby, Vancouver and Squamish. There are two contracts when you take on this program. One is to lose the weight and the second is to keep the weight off. Our weight loss program is followed by a program that teaches you how to keep the weight off.

Love your life in a fabulous and healthy body.

3724 Hastings St Burnaby, BC V5C2H5
Waldorf family business

Craft opportunity to explore love and Art! Open to support crafting in our school community. Teaching felting and organic health food & yoga therapy classes and wool dye making workshops! Creative birthday parties with wonderful craft classes & kits (do it yourselves great party favours & craft kits can be pre-ordered) Fiona & Chandazara 778-919-8787. See new collection of kids jewelry, healthy snacks and craft kits at the Red Door Store created by Crystal Kids Co-Op. Taking orders:

Waldorf family business
Blossom Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture, hormone testing, nutrition, herbal medicine, allergy testing, health coach, massage.

Providing compassionate, effective and natural care to guide you towards optimum health.

My unique approach combines modern testing and evidence-based treatment with traditional Chinese medicine therapies including acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxabustion, diet & supplements and healthy lifestyle support. Many of my clients call me their “Health Coach”.

Most of all, I am dedicated to helping you to be healthy so you can feel good and enjoy your precious life.

453 2nd Street East, North Vancouver
Friends of the Waldorf School
$30 off initial visit, 10% off return visits

Do it yourself essential oils for kids. Are you interested in hosting a DIY party to make some therapeutic grade essential oil tools for your kids. I am offering a rollerball make and take series in Vancouver during my visit to Vancouver the week of November 7-12. You will learn more about essential oils and make your kids their own natural rollerball blends for:
* protecting them from the seasonal elements
* soothing occasional skin irritations
* supporting immune function
* respiratory & digestive support
* promoting restful sleep
* focus and much more!
We will have roller bottles and labels available for purchase to make a set of recipes for your kiddos.
Contact Aliyah Hamilton 250-551-2542 by text or phone

Friends of the Waldorf School

Joan Bahner: Certified ‘Light, Darkness and Color Painting Therapist’, according to the teachings of Liane Collot d’Herbois. The macrocosmic threefold nature of Light, Darkness and Color is reflected in the microcosmic threefold aspect of the human being. In a healthy human being there is a healthy meeting of light and darkness that gives rise to a moving color space. Often these aspects of the threefold human being are out of balance, either at birth or at some point in one’s life. Through careful observation and application, a therapeutic path can be developed that will help support a client to come to his own sense of well-being and healing.

Joan Bahner offers therapy sessions at her home in Vancouver. She is also available to conduct group painting sessions. Anyone interested in exploring the work of Liane Collot d’Herbois, please contact her and leave a message.


Friends of the Waldorf School

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Waldorf Welcome
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8:45 am Waldorf Welcome
Waldorf Welcome
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Waldorf Education Information Session (for adults) Early Childhood / Grades 1-8