Class 1

Class 1

The bridge between kindergarten and the grades. The curved and the straight line. Fairy tales and the alphabet. Oneness. Pentatonic flutes, knitting, painting, languages, Eurythmy, beeswax modelling, and play.

Lighting the Mind and Soul with Storytelling

Main Lessons

Language Arts

  • Introduction to the alphabet through pictures, stories and sound symbols
  • Form Drawing
  • Literacy is strengthened through vocabulary development, poetry and stories
  • Writing
  • Pictorial and Phonetic Introduction to Letters
  • Reading Approached through Writing
  • Speech Formation/Dramatics


  • Basic facts to 10
  • Foundational operations: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication
  • Geometric Movement

Natural Sciences

  • Nature study

Social Sciences

  • Nature stories, fairy tales and ancient legends

Specialty Subjects

  • French
  • Free-hand Drawing, Wet-on-Wet Watercolour Painting, Beeswax Modelling
  • Knitting
  • Pentatonic Flute and Singing
  • Eurythmy, Games, Rhythmic Movement, Outdoor Activities
  • Day trip outing
  • Class Play
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