Message From the Board

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Dear Community,

This week we have a few announcements so big that we are giving them their own space.

The first one:
It is with overwhelming appreciation that we will say goodbye to our beloved Fiona Thatcher in her role as Admissions Director at the end of this school year. Fiona will still be the loving and involved member of our community she has always been. She has valiantly served the school – working long hours and even weekends – during a time of rough personal circumstance for her family. Every one of our community has been touched by Fiona at some point. Many, like me, believed she was the “Queen of the School” for the first couple of years as she seemed to know everything: from “Why is my child lining up all of her dolls and narrating stories from the sidelines?” to “Who do I speak to at the school about x, y, z?” For this, and so much more, we will miss her. And, while I may feel she is actually irreplaceable, she assures us she is not and there is a job posting ready to go up.

Please see the Letter from Fiona to our school.

The board and College of Teachers are committed to having a healthy, vibrant high school. The details of this are here and include an invitation to join in a meeting about this topic on Thursday April 16th. More details are in the letter below; please take a moment to read it.

Please see the Attached Letter about the high school from the College of Teachers and Board.

Lastly, please mark your calendars now, as our next All Community Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22 and we have big plans for it!

Thank you for all you do for our community.

On behalf of the VWS Board of Trustees,
Manda Aufochs Gillespie