Message From Vancouver Waldorf School Board of Trustees

Message From Vancouver Waldorf School Board of Trustees

Dear Families, Friends, Faculty and Staff,

At this Wednesday’s Board meeting, we started with a joint session with the College of Teachers to consider the draft of the VWS Mission, Vision and Values (VMV). Rachel Garratt and Chloe Gow-Jarrett, on behalf of the Strategic Planning & Visioning Committee, presented the draft VMV the Committee had prepared based on their extensive work and consultation with the community. The work of the Committee is extremely impressive and thorough, even more so given the short time frame they were working with. In addition the Committee put forward the proposed strategic priorities for the 2016/2017 school year, prepared in consultation with management. This portion of the meeting was scheduled to take one hour, but the presentation sparked so much interest and enthusiasm that it wound up occupying the entire 2½ hours we had scheduled for the evening. The College and the Board offered their comments on both the VMV and the 2016/2017 strategic priorities, and we will be reconvening for another joint session with the College next Wednesday to approve the final versions of both (and to address the other business we had scheduled for the meeting but weren’t able to get to). Please expect further information on the VMV and the strategic priorities once they have been finalized. The Board would like to thank all of the committee members – Rachel Garratt, Linda Zheng, Chloe-Gow Jarrett, Lorna Fortin, Rebeka Eriksson and our Community & Resource Development Manager Jennifer Breckon – for their remarkable work and dedication in service to the school on this project.

The Board expects to continue to meet periodically over the summer, as business requires. Until we have the opportunity to speak to you again, we would like to wish you all an enjoyable summer vacation!

Eric Doherty, Chair, VWSS Board of Trustees

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