Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

Vancouver Waldorf School Santa LuciaSanta Lucia, Thy light is glowing
All through the darkest night, comfort bestowing
Dreams float on wings of night,
Comes then the morning light
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia

Through silent winter gloom, Thy song comes winging to
Waken the Earth anew, Glad carols bringing,
Come thou, oh queen of Night,
Wearing thy crown so bright,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia, Christmas foretelling,
Fill hearts with hope and cheer, Dark fear dispelling,
Bring to the world’s call,
Peace and goodwill to all,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia

Vancouver Waldorf School | Santa Lucia 2013

A favorite winter holiday, Santa Lucia Day falls on December 13th and celebrates the life of Saint Lucy and the return of light. In the old Julian Calendar December 13th marked the Winter Solstice, or the longest night of the year.

In many Scandinavian homes, the day begins before dawn, with the eldest daughter, dressed in white with a red sash, rising to make Lussekatt, or saffron buns and kaffe, or coffee to serve to her parents. She will often wear a wreath of 9 candles on her head. Other daughters are dressed in white, and sons, or “star boys”, wear pointy star hats. This marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, this festival is often held by the 2nd grade teacher and students and is an in-house celebration. Santa Lucia is a festival of light that heralds the Yuletide. All classes (2-8) gather together to softly sing and are served saffron buns, while teachers are served coffee, in the warm glow of the candle light.

Dec 13 is Saint Lucia day in Sweden, where each town’s voted “Sankta Lucia” wears a crown of candles and, escorted by girls in white with a red sash and “star boys” brings light and song (and saffron buns!) to homes and workplaces.

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