Vancouver Waldorf School – Movie Monday

Each Monday we will feature a short film relating to Waldorf Education. Perhaps a lecture, pedagogical content, sister-school production, or tutorial.

Please enjoy today’s presentation:

Sister School – Golden Valley Charter School

From our friends at the Golden Valley Charter School.

Golden Valley Charter School is a tuition-free K-8 public charter school inspired by Waldorf education serving the greater Sacramento area. As a community of teachers and families, we seek to nourish and educate the whole child — head, heart and hands — by stimulating the intellect, fostering wonder and respect, and developing the child’s active will. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to Waldorf educational values and ongoing Waldorf training. Our Kindergarten and grades teachers hold a California credential and receive on-site mentoring by master Waldorf teachers. We are deeply committed to the reformation of public education through the charter school movement. Charter schools are public schools which are endowed with the freedom to employ innovative teaching methods, are responsive to students’ needs and are held accountable for student achievement. We offer this through our curriculum inspired by Waldorf education.

* The Vancouver Waldorf School provides an experiential, age appropriate approach to education based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner that inspires students to love learning, to be creative, open-minded, and compassionate. With a curriculum that integrates all academics with the arts and social learning, Waldorf Education develops not only the left and right hemispheres of the brain, but the whole human being. A child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development is considered equally, supporting a conscious unfolding of the individuality within each student. Waldorf graduates possess capacities for empathy and clear, creative and independent thinking that enables them to carry out a chosen course of action with moral courage and social responsibility.