Strategic Planning & Visioning 2016

Strategic Planning & Visioning 2016 – Getting Involved

Before Faculty depart for their summer break on June 30 the Committee will be seeking to confirm the VWS Vision, Mission, Values and 2016-17 Strategic Priorities to enable our administrative staff to work on 2016-17 planning over the summer. The Strategic Planning & Visioning Committee aren’t the answer; we are the facilitators and need your contribution in forming these key pieces of our school’s culture.

Our goal? To create the space for each of you to share your insights into what future we the VWS community is creating for the world and how we do that each and every day. This is going to be a fun process that will allow us to create strategic priorities that link up to what we are committed to creating for our community.

Here’s how your voice can be heard:

  • Via this online survey (VWS Visioning Survey 2016); or
  • In person at the ECC, Grade School or High School campuses; or
  • In person at the Spring Music Concert on May 17.

The online survey and in-person community boards will be available for input from May 16-20 and are the same questions so you do not have to do both. We encourage parents of older students to let your children know that they too can take part at school by putting their ideas up on the boards.

Using your input as well as other sources (eg. March community survey, AWSNA guidelines, the previous vision, mission and value statements), the Committee will then work with a smaller group of school and community representatives on May 25 to draft renewed vision, mission and value statements. These statements and 2016-17 strategic priorities will require joint approval of the Board of Trustees and the College of Teachers.

The work on fleshing out the VWS 3-Year Strategic Plan will take place when school resumes after the summer.

Strategic Planning & Visioning Committee

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