Upcoming Community Events – May 2018

Upcoming Community Events

Weekly until May 15 | Keep Moving

We’ll use Spacial Dynamics® ideas and suggestions to support uprightness and ease of active movement, even when age tries to hold you back and keep you down. Tuesdays, 8:30-10:00 am, April 10 – May 15, 2018. link

May 5 | Present Child Method – An Experiential 1-Day Workshop with Susan Drury

Our children are like apples growing on our tree. On a certain level, their stumbling blocks are our stumbling blocks. Their “problems” offer us a powerful mirror – but until we can see the deeper message behind what they are reflecting, we are unable to access the opportunities to heal ourselves and free them from their suffering. This 1-day workshop will open your eyes and your heart to the deep connections and healing potentials between you and your child, so you can both move forward in greater harmony and fulfilment.

(Present Child Method was created by Dutch homeopath Janita Venema and has been part of the health care system in The Netherlands for the past 15 years. Susan Drury, CHS, CHC, is a classical homeopath, Waldorf Alumnus parent and certified Present Child Translator)

Date:  Saturday, May 5 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Cost: $100 ($175/couple)

May 6 | Vancouver Academy of Music

We have free vouchers for the Vancouver Academy of Music (VAM) for Carnival of the Animals, on May 6, 2018, at 2:00 pm at the Orpheum Theatre. Vouchers can be picked from Ronaye in Reception, and are then traded in at the Orpheum box office for tickets on the day of the event.

May 6 | BEE WONDROUS Tales of Bees, Honey & Love

North Shore Storytelling Cric?- Crac! with Master Beekeepers Jason Yates & Fiona Gold. Tellers: Wendy Charbonneau, Rose Heart, Iqbal Ishani, Marylee Stephenson, and Abegael Fisher-Lang. Sunday, May 6 at 7:00 pm. At The Silk Purse Gallery, 1570 Argyle Ave, West Van. Donation $20/15/10/7, incl refreshments & draw. Info: northshorestory@gmail.com 604.985.5168

May 13 | Mother * Daughter Afternoon

Enjoy and celebrate the special mother/daughter connection in this fun-filled afternoon. Join the creator of GirlSpirit, Quinn Cashion, her teen daughters + special guests to celebrate the essential female relationship. www.eventbrite.ca/e/mother-daughter-afternoon-tickets

May 25, 26, 27 | Towards Uncovering the Voice Workshop with Marilyn Lange

“Singing is the simplest form of joy one can experience in its highest form.” ~ Dinah Winter, author of Freeing the Voice. Marilyn Lange, trained as a Waldorf music teacher, has studied the Werbeck exercises for uncovering the voice and she has taken courses with Michael Deason-Barrow who promotes the power of singing as a healing force. Find out more by viewing the poster.

May 26 | Community Indigo

Join Ella and Gwen for a colourful and creative afternoon journey into the magic of Indigo at a Community Indigo event. Create your own unique true blue work of art as we explore Japanese Shibori resist techniques and the charms of natural Indigo. You will receive an organic, handwoven cotton shawl and all the supplies needed to reveal your very own Indigo design. Please note- this is an adult gathering. 12-18 yrs welcome if accompanied by a participating adult.

Pre-registration required. $60 payable in cash. Email ellapedersen@gmail.com or contact Ella in person at the Red Door Store. 11:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday, May 26.

May 26 | Preventing Childhood Disease – Expanding Your Options

Vaccination according to a set schedule is the only option the Canadian medical system offers families in preventing serious childhood disease in their children – and yet the vaccination program is not without risk. This 3-hour seminar will explore a wider range of options for disease protection and supply parents with resources for their own further research. For families choosing to vaccinate, safer protocols and supplements to protect against vaccination damage will be discussed. For families choosing not to vaccinate, a homeopathic method to strengthen their child’s immune system and educate them against specific diseases will be explored.

(Susan Drury, CSH, CHC, is a classical homeopath and alumnus Waldorf parent who has been helping families evolve into greater health, happiness and fulfilment for the past 15 years)

Date: Sunday, May 27 from 12 noon – 3:00 pm. Cost: $35 ($60/couple)

May 27 | Struggle Less, Connect More

Transform your parenting, a workshop with Dr Shefali on Sunday, May 27. At this evening workshop, Dr Shefali will share her radically different approach to parenting, that has transformed the lives of so many families. Whether you have a baby or a teen she will help you discover a new path to parent without fear or anxiety, learn to end conflict and motivate your children through connection. link

June 25 – 29 | Adult Summer Singing Camp in Vancouver with Marilyn Lange

Marilyn will lead us each morning with “Par Play” — movement exercises to open new brain pathways in order to overcome old habits in our movement, thought and soul life. We will continue with exercises to warm up the voice. After a coffee break, we will do some unison singing, improvising on modes and solfeg as well as learning some songs in parts. After lunch, we will continue the morning work and sing songs with movement as well as sing a variety of harmonies together. This schedule is subject to change. If there is interest we can share some of our work with the congregation on the Sunday.

9 am to 3 pm with a lunch break (bring your own lunch). Cost: $100 for the week with most of the proceeds going to The Christian Community. At the Christian Community, 5050 Hastings St., Burnaby BC. View the poster