Vancouver Waldorf School Christmas Fair Update

Vancouver Waldorf School Christmas Fair Update

Hello fellow Waldorfians,

Our Children’s Christmas Fair is now 5 days away and we have some practical matters to attend to. So please bear with me as I get down to the nitty-gritty with these important details.

Sign Up Sheets are approximately 50% full. Come in or email your class rep to make sure you get your prefered time slot. You are welcome to sign up anywhere you like, however please make sure that your class designated event is covered first. Currently the Cookie House is in danger of not running, due to minimal sign-up. (ACK!) As a reminder, High School sign-up sheets are with Sarah. Kindergarten parents, you can now sign up outside your classroom at the Early Childhood Centre.

Student Sheets are posted for students in grades 6 – 8 at the Grade School and grades 9 – 12 at the High School. While all high school students are expected to participate in Outdoor Foods, Specialty Foods or Shepherd’s Lunch; for middle school students volunteering is optional. Following their participation in Grade 6 in Bairn’s Bazaar, many may still be feeling industrious and wish to assist in Candle Dipping, Woodworking, Children’s Crafts, or as an hourly runner helping keep apple cider and other supplies stocked.

Greenery – We welcome donations of greenery (ethically harvested of course) to be dropped off at the Grade School below the side garden, near the covered shelter at the edge of the play yard. Our visions are grand, in terms of decorating both indoors and out. So, if you have a cedar hedge to trim, or a holly bush to cut back, please consider bringing your greenery in this week!

Baking & Savory Goods – Delicious goodies are always gratefully accepted at the venues below. Donations can be brought in on Friday, labeled with your NAME and WHICH EVENT it is meant for.

  • Cookie House – pre-strung and decorated cookies
  • Strings Cafe – sweet or savory goodies & snacks
  • Specialty Foods – use your imagination!

Red Door Store – Friday evening and Saturday during the fair, we would like to have the Red Door Store open. Are you interested in taking a shift? A sign-up sheet is posted and Ella is happy to help train anyone interested in helping in this cozy & warm venue.

Pocket Lady / King Winter – As of today, a sign up sheet went up for this special roving addition to the fair. The pocket Lady has cloak of treasures for wee people to choose from. If Pocket Lady isn’t your bag, and you would prefer to play King Winter a basket of precious goodies will be yours to carry and distribute.

Drivers Needed – We have a few donated goods that need to be picked up in the days leading up to the fair, or on the morning of. If you have some free time and a decent sized vehicle, or possibly are not available the day of the fair, this is a much appreciated place where you can help out! Again, there is sign up sheet for drivers.

Pre-Fair General Decorating and Beautification – Where to even begin? Except to say that between the creative minds of Laurie & Chris the grounds this year are going to stunning, as long as there are enough helpers to execute their vision and even add to it! Please sign up!

Post-Fair Walk-About and Tidy – OK, this does not sound exciting, I admit. But it can be a quick way to help out on Sunday morning to help make sure everything has been been put back in it’s place so that our teachers can effectively teach again on Monday morning.

Bathrooms – Here’s another easy task; we need a few people to check washrooms for supplies throughout the day. Couldn’t get more simple really. Please sign up if this is how you are able to offer your time.

Posters & Postcards are available from the Lower School. Please pick some up and distribute all across town!

Parking can be a challenge at the best of times at the Fair, this year we may be faced with paving on Viney Rd, meaning that you may have a little further to walk on Saturday morning. The school parking lot will be closed off, as ticket sales happen at the crosswalk and we want to keep you all safe! Please respect our neighbours by not blocking their driveways. And of course, be aware of not parking too close to the intersection. Fun Fact: I was ticketed a couple years ago, which was not the best way to wrap up a wonderful day at the fair.

Early Dismissal – Did you make it this far? Brava! Friday afternoon is early dismissal at the Grade School (12:20). High School students will be bussed to the Grade School to help with setup and will be dismissed from there.

Oh, I do hope I haven’t forgotten anything. You’ll hear from again, if I can think of anything else.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do! Our school community wouldn’t be much without willing and active participants. We have so much to celebrate when we come together to work and play!

On behalf of the entire 2016 Christmas Fair Committee,
Laura Bergstrome – 604.985.7435 ext 202 or
Linda Baker
Laura Bergstrome
Walter Daroshin
Trish Dayal
Ashlea Earl
Chris Henley
Roxanna Henley
Laurie Inouye
Ronaye Ireland
Judy Stott
Jann Winters

The regularity with which the Sun moves through the seasons, the regularity manifested in the growth of plants and in the life of animals, this regularity was once chaos. Harmony has been attained at the cost of great travail. Humanity stands today within the same kind of chaos, but out of the chaos, there will arise a harmony modeled in the likeness of the harmony in the universe. Peace to those who are of goodwill.

~ Rudolf Steiner, from Festivals and Their Meanings, Christmas 1923

2016 Children's Christmas Fair | Vancouver Waldorf School

2016 Children’s Christmas Fair

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