VWSS Board of Trustees – April Update

Dear VWS Families,

At our Board meeting on Wednesday, we discussed ways we can better communicate with the community about school business. On that note, going forward we intend to provide brief monthly updates about the matters addressed at our meetings. This is the first of those updates.

At this meeting, those of us that had not already met her were introduced our new Community & Resource Development Manager Jenny Breckon. Jenny, together with outgoing Co-Interim Development Managers Mary Henley and Rachel Garratt (who were thanked for their service to the school during a time of need), gave a report on the development activities undertaken since the last meeting. A significant development initiative that was approved at the meeting was a plan for updating and renewing the VWS Vision, Mission and Values. You will soon receive further information about the plan and opportunities for you to participate in the renewal process.

Business Manager Victoria Restrepo-Mous gave her review and assessment of our financial position for March as well as year to date, and the news is positive – through savings and efficiencies we continue to exceed our budget expectations. Updated financial information with some accompanying commentary will be distributed to society members in the very near future. The Board also discussed new potential fundraising initiatives, and we will be continuing to explore our options for the 2016/2017 school year.

Finally, Pedagogical Manager Malcolm Nash updated the board on the pedagogical realm, and expressed his confidence in the faculty for 2016/2017. He also reported on his search efforts to fill the missing pieces and his optimism that these (very few) positions will be filled with high-quality candidates in the near future.

Eric Doherty, Board of Trustees, Chair