VWSS Board of Trustees – May Update

Dear VWS Families,

The Board held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday evening (regular meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month).

We started with an update on Development Activities from Jenny Breckon. We discussed potential fundraising opportunities and strategies for maximizing our success with them moving forward. We thank the members of the community that have brought great fundraising ideas to the Board, and would encourage people to continue to do so. Jenny also explained that the data from the community survey has been collected and while it reveals a number of areas of great community satisfaction, it also reveals concrete areas we as a school can improve. Jenny is further analyzing the data and will be presenting some proposals to the Board in that regard.

Victoria Restrepo-Mous walked the Board through April’s Financial Results and again while we still are projecting a deficit for the 2015-2016 year it will be much smaller than initially expected. We are in the process of making updated financial information and projections available to Society members on the internet, and this process should be completed shortly.

Malcolm Nash gave his development update – he continues to meet with excellent candidates for the open positions. Also in the Pedagogical Realm Phil Fertey noted the faculty has established a guardianship task force for the high school, investigating ways to maximize the effectiveness and sustainability of the guardianship role.

Rebeka Eriksson reported to the board on the activities of the Strategic Planning and Visioning Committee, a very strong group of parents that are willing to donate their time to work with the community to advance the renewal of the VWS mission, vision and values in an abridged time frame.

We concluded with a discussion on advancing our review of the teacher salary structure at the school, which will be an important item of work for the Board and staff over the coming couple of months.

Eric Doherty, VWSS Board Chair

The Board Human Resource Committee would like to invite members from the Community to join our team. We are looking for a few individuals with HR experience/background, training or HR education to share their skills and expertise. If you are interested please contact the HRC Chair Jennifer Williams at boardhr@vws.ca for a chat.