Dear VWS families,

Please take a moment to prepare your child’s wardrobe (and your own) for warmth and weather this school year.

Abeko Rain Gear is highly recommended by our teachers and families to keep our kiddos dry in all their outdoor play. Their lined mitts are the best! Warmth & Weather also offers a collection of wool and wool/silk clothing layers for both children and adults.

Warmth and Weather will be offering us a “shop and support” program. For a limited time you may order online at using the promotion code: RedDoorStoreKG. Your items will be shipped as a group order which can then be picked up from Ella at the Red Door Store. By ordering this way you get free shipping and our school will receive a 35% wholesale rebate less the cost of shipping. Woo hoo easy fundraising! Thanks for being awesome and supporting our school. Please note the cut off date for placing your orders is Thursday September 22nd.

Ella Pedersen
Red Door Store

wool-dress abeko-mitten