Week At A Glance – February 13 – 16

Dear Parents,

What a beautiful day we had for Family Day on Monday, I hope you were able to enjoy the sun and blue sky. In contrast, a Special Advisory calling for snow is in place for the South Coast. In the event of inclement weather, please refer to the homepage of our website in the section Events, Features & Important News to stay abreast of any closures.

Upcoming Events:

TUESDAY – Feb 13


  • Adult Eurythmy 2:10 pm, GS
  • Just Move – Spacial Dynamic for Parents 7:30 pm, GS

FRIDAY – Feb 16

  • Community Coffee Morning 8:30 am, GS
  • Parent Council Meeting 8:45 am, GS
  • Gr 6 Class Play: The House Next Door 7:00 pm, GS


February Break – Please make note that February Break is the week of 19 – 23 — during which time, there will be no classes. For High School students this will be ‘Work Experience Week’, as they take up placements in the community.

Recommitment at the Grade School & High School – Letters and reminders have now gone home to all families from Grade 1 through 11 regarding recommitment for the 2018-19 school year. If you missed this letter, you can find it here: https://goo.gl/4eqyft. Confirmation is required by the end of the month on February 28.

Emergency Contact Forms – If you have received a paper form, please bring in the corrections/additions ASAP. We are required to have the MSP# and emergency contacts for your child(ren). If you live across the bridge, consider listing someone on the North Shore, in the event that bridges could be closed due to an earthquake. Ronaye will be happy to make the corrections on BigSis for you if this makes it easier.

SHIFT Workshop for Parents – Tuesday, February 27. Open to all parents, although content may be more applicable towards parenting youth ages 12 – 17. See the poster below for detail.

Lost & Found – What an abundance of beautiful winter coats, pants, t-shirts, etc. in the Lost & Found box! On Friday, February 16 you are invited to help yourself to whatever is left in this box; the remainder will be taken to the goodwill!

Have a lovely week!

Laura Bergstrome
Communications & Events Coordinator
604-985-7435 ext 202