Week At A Glance – November 20 – 24

What a weekend! Thank you everyone for doing your part to help make the fair the success that it was. I can’t believe the rains held off so that we could fully enjoy the day! If you took photos that you would be willing to share, please send them to me at lbergstrome@vws.ca. There are a few warm winter jackets, sweaters, mittens, and such that were left on the grounds; if you’ve noticed any missing items, please come in and collect your children’s belongings. (photo) They are hanging near the entrance of the Grade School. As well there are several tupperware and baking tins from Strings Cafe and Cookie House – so delicious! – please come pick up your containers. (photo) If you brought home a lawn sign to post, please return it to the front of the school to be cleaned and stored. We also have a few Yule Logs which were not picked up, outside of Ronaye’s office, again please come take a look to see if one belongs to your child. If you have any feedback you wish to share, please send me your thoughts and ideas or stop in to see me this week. Class Reps will be meeting on Thursday evening to discuss each event before we tuck away the guide book until next year!
A message from the Christmas Fair Planning Committee can be found here: Children’s Christmas Fair Acknowledgments

Upcoming Events Schedule:


  • Meaning of Bee Study Group 7:00 pm, GS Music Room


  • Iron Hans Dress Rehearsal
  • Adult Eurythmy 1:20 pm, GS Round House
  • Full Faculty Meeting 3:00 pm
  • Class Rep Meeting 7:00 pm, GS Music Room


  • Community Coffee Morning 8:30 am, GS Community Kitchen/Music Room
  • Fairytale Eurythmy: Iron Hans 11:00 am, 1:30 pm & 7:30 pm Kay Meek Theatre, West Vancouver


Grade 12 Fundraising
This is your last week to support Grade 12 fundraising by purchasing Purdys chocolates. These sweet treats are crafted in Vancouver using 100% sustainable cocoa. Lots of selection and great for gifting! Place a Purdy’s Chocolates, order now.

  • Create an account and join our fundraising group by entering code “32261
  • Go to “Group Home Page” and “Shop Online” through the catalogue and pay by Visa or Mastercard, or place your order through any Grade 12 student and pay by Cheque (payable to Vancouver Waldorf School)
  • Order deadline is November 27. Product will be delivered on December 8.

Homeopathy for Childhood
Homeopathy is a wonderful tool for family life, useful in helping ourselves and our children cope with all manner of ailments, from physical to mental to emotional. This workshop will teach you the basics of using homeopathy at home, with a focus on treating concerns such as acute illnesses (colds, flus etc.) and injuries. We will discuss how to assess symptoms, choose and administer the most appropriate remedy, and learn which remedies are most often needed for home use. Susan Drury, mother of 3 now grown (Waldorf educated) children and professional homeopath for 15 years, invites you to join this empowering workshop and enter the exciting world of homeopathy! $25/person or $40/couple on Saturday December 9 at the Early Childhood Centre. Please contact Blanka to register, in person or by email bponec@vws.ca.

Whole Foods Gift Cards
Whole Foods Gift Cards are on sale for a short time! With the delay to the establishment of their monthly gift card program, Whole Foods is providing VWS a one-time gift card offering in time for Christmas shopping. Whole Foods cards are limited so will be offered on a first come, first served basis, with orders accepted until Friday December 1st. Email vwsgiftcard@vws.ca or complete an order form at school or by printing from online, to place an order.

Have a lovely week!

Laura Bergstrome
Communications & Events Coordinator