Week At A Glance – September 25 – 29

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. It was a pleasure to see so many VWS families together for the Walk for Reconciliation on Sunday. In particular, I was proud to learn that VWS Grade 10 student, Sallee Whitewing, was at the head of the walk as a VIP. ‘Namwayut – We are all one.

Also this past weekend was a Grade School playground work party headed by Dave and Bonnie Goss – updates include: painted hopscotch, scoring on the wooden rounds, and a roof put on the pergola! Come take a look around our grounds or visit our Instagram account to see photos.

Upcoming Events Schedule:


  • Boys Soccer Game VWS vs KDHS Lions 3:30 pm, Trillium Park


  • Bake Sale – Grade 12 Trip Fundraiser 3:00 pm, GS
  • Girls Volleyball Practice 3:30 pm, HS
  • Grade 5 Parent Meeting 7:00 pm, GS
  • First Seven Years Seminar Series: Child Development Part 2 7:30 pm, ECC


  • Boys Soccer Game VWS vs EJV Albatros 3:30 pm, Kirkstone Park


  • Girls Volleyball Practice 3:30 pm, HS
  • Boys Soccer Game VWS vs STP Celtics 4:00 pm, Kirkstone Park
  • Grade 7 Parent Meeting 7:00 pm, GS


  • Community Coffee Morning 8:30 am, GS Community Kitchen/Music Room
  • Christmas Fair Planning Meeting 8:45 am, GS Colin Dutson Room
  • Michaelmas Pageant: St. Michael and the Dragon 2:00 pm, GS


Each year our High School embarks on a series of fundraisers in support of the Grade 12 Year End Service Trip, this year is no exception! This week our 9th Grade Class is launching a Flower Bulb “Flash Fundraiser” through Vesey’s Bulbs, which will be open from now until October 10. The catalogue can be found here: https://goo.gl/kmZjxZ and we will have order forms available soon! Payment can be made by cash or cheque.

About Vesey’s:

Vesey’s Fundraising Program has been serving thousands of groups across Canada for the past 38 seasons. Considered Canada’s GREEN Fundraiser, this program features the sale of bulbs, plants and seeds. Every group that participates earns 50% of everything they sell.

As well, our Grade 12 class will be at the Grade School on Tuesday afternoon with a bake sale at 3:00 pm, please come with your loonies and toonies for an after school treat.

One of our 2nd Grade students has lost a Hearing Aid. If you have found this required device please be in contact with Ronaye in Reception to get in touch with the parents. Thank you for keeping a keen eye open on and around the school grounds.

And as a final note, if you are not receiving our Friday newsletter, please make sure that you are subscribed here: https://goo.gl/KrgBZq and check your spam/junk folder, as some parents have reported that their mail servers have been delivering it there.

I think that is all for now. Have a lovely week!

Laura Bergstrome
Communications & Events Coordinator