Weekly Sneak Peek – Jan 16 – 21

If you wish to get involved in events happening this week, please take a look at our upcoming schedule.

Upcoming Events and Announcements:


  • Grade 8 High School Visit – all week
  • Sr Girls Basketball Game VWS vs KDHS 4 pm, Vancouver
  • Grade 7 Parent Meeting 7 pm, GS
  • Grade 12 Parent Meeting 7 pm, HS


  • Grade 4 Parent Meeting 7 pm, GS
  • Early Years Seminar Series – Nutrition 7:30 pm, ECC


  • Parent Education Evening – Protecting Our Children against Bullying, with Colleen Drobot 7 pm, GS


  • Full Faculty Meeting 3 pm


  • Coffee Morning 8:30am, GS Community Kitchen
  • Parent Council Meeting 8:45 am, GS Colin Dutson Room
  • Parent Eurythmy 1:30 pm, GS Round House


  • Grade 10 Play: Final Impact 8 pm, GS Hall


We are ever so pleased to be hosting Colleen Drobot of the Neufeld Institute for two presentations on the topic of Bullying. The first, this Wednesday, focuses on Protecting our Children against Bullying and the second, in two weeks, focuses on The Making and Unmaking of Bullies. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to hear Colleen speak!

From her bio: Colleen Drobot is a registered professional counsellor and parent consultant with a private practice in West Vancouver. She works with adults for their own personal counselling or for parenting consultation. She is also an educator has over 20 years experience working with children in the regular classroom or in special needs settings. She also works with several school districts to help educators make sense of their students’ behaviour. She is a faculty member of the Neufeld Institute and has worked with Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s approach for many years. Colleen is a mother of two and draws from her personal as well as professional experience to support parents and professionals in gaining insight, opening their hearts and leading by their intuition.

To learn more at this series please visit our website at http://www.vws.ca/parent-education-series-protecting-children-bullying/

In case you missed it, an email was sent earlier this morning with important information regarding re-enrolment for the 2017-18 school year, you may read the letter on our website here: http://www.vws.ca/20172018-tuition-commitment/

Have a wonderful week and please be in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Laura Bergstrome
Communications & Events Coordinator