Vancouver Waldorf School | Christmas Tide | Festivals

Christmastide At the Winter Solstice, on Christmastide, the Earth breathes in. The seed babies are deep underground and the animals, in their shaggy coats, are warm in their barns or dens. We draw the stars into our homes by lighting candles and placing lights on our trees. Our outdoor activities are reduced dramatically. And we become more contemplative as we

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3rd Candle of Advent

Vancouver Waldorf School | Gnome Garden | Advent

3rd Candle of Advent The third light of Advent is the light of beasts– All await the birth, from the greatest and in least. photo credit:

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Santa Lucia

Vancouver Waldorf School | Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Santa Lucia, Thy light is glowing All through the darkest night, comfort bestowing Dreams float on wings of night, Comes then the morning light Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia Through silent winter gloom, Thy song comes winging to Waken the Earth anew, Glad carols bringing, Come thou, oh queen of Night, Wearing thy crown so bright, Santa Lucia, Santa

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Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, is celebrated on December 6th during the season of Advent. On the eve of St Nicholas, children may leave out a freshly polished shoe, with a small snack for St Nicholas and his horse. In return, the simple gesture of a small gift will be left, perhaps a crystal or

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