Saturday, November 24, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Dear VWS Community,

Our Children’s Christmas Fair is a wonderful, festive celebration that brings our community together through shared work and play. We have offered the Fair as a gift to the children since 1970 and our school is renowned for creating a magical experience of seasonal wonder and joy. Our Fair is open to the public and is a lovely event to share with friends and family from the wider community.

As a parent or guardian, your help is needed to bring the magic of the Fair to life. Please read on to learn why and how.

Class Assignments

For our Fair to be a success, parents and guardians from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are required to sign-up for volunteer shifts before, during or after the Fair (note: Preschool and Parent and Tot families are not required to volunteer at the Fair because they are tending to their very young children). The Friday before the Fair, all Grade School students are dismissed early (at 12:20 pm) so the festive elves (aka the adults!) can get to work transforming our Grade School campus.

Many hands are required for set-up on Friday afternoon and into the evening. Day-of volunteer shifts will usually centre around your class/es activity/ies during the Fair (10:00 am – 3:00 pm) as well as break-down and clean-up responsibilities after the Fair (3:00 pm onwards). There may also be volunteer opportunities in the weeks leading up to the Fair to prepare for your class activities.

Please see below for class assignments and stay tuned for more information from your Class Reps about your activity and volunteer shifts. Online sign-ups will be available next week.

Class Assignment



Woodland Pond
Plum Cottage Kindergarten
Grade 1
Silk Painting
Grade 6 Classroom
Grade 2
Younger Children’s Activities
Grades 1 & 3 Classrooms
Grade 3
Cookie House
Red Rose Kindergarten
Grade 4
Strings Cafe
Grade 7 Classroom
Grade 5
Candle Dipping
Grade 8 Classroom
Grade 6
Bairn’s Bazaar
Grade 4 Classroom
Grade 7
Elves Workshop
Woodworking Room
Grade 8
Outdoor Foods/BBQ
Big Play Yard
High School
Shepherd’s Lunch
Music Room / Community Kitchen
High School
Specialty Foods
Big Play Yard

Baking, and Sweet and Savoury Treats

  • We need donated items that will be sold by the classes holding Specialty Foods and Strings Café – baked goods, preserves, jars of this or that, veggies or fruit from your garden, etc. – anything you can offer will be appreciated.
  • The Cookie House also requires dozens and dozens of pre-strung cookies to hang up the night before the Fair. Gluten-Free on Green Strings, vegan on Blue Strings, and everything else on Red Strings – remember to make a hole in the cookies before baking (a chopstick is useful for this job). Cookies need to be about 3 inches in diameter and can be baked early and stored in your freezer until the Fair.
  • If you can provide any of the above goodies, please add your name to the Sign-Up Sheets for Food Preparers, then drop your goodies off on Friday, Nov 23, at Grade School reception. Please clearly mark on your containers which activity they are meant to be distributed to.

Signs and Posters

  • Posters will be available across from reception. Please pick up a few, mark your posting locations, and share them around!
  • Lawn Signs will be ready for distribution after Halloween and will be found at the entrance to the Grade School; place one in your front yard to invite your neighbours!


  • Natural items are needed to beautify the school grounds.
    What? Greenery, boughs, stumps, flowers, etc *collected legally & sustainably please.
    Where? Dropped in the designated spot at the bottom of the garden below the Community Kitchen, along the edge of the Big Play Yard.
    When? November 21, 22, and 23.

Class Reps

  • Class Reps are the coordinators of your class activity unless the role has been assigned to another volunteer or two. In the coming few weeks, all coordinators will visit the Storage Room to check that everything you need is there. The Storage Room is in the school’s basement, which is accessed from the Grade 2/3 Play Yard. Keys to the basement and Storage Room are available from Laura, Mary or Ronaye.
  • Please also check your Event Signage, which is in the Storage Room, and let us know if you need any updates.
  • Double check that the Number of Helpers on your sign-up pages is sufficient, there is still time to adjust, if needed.

Red Door Store

  • The Red Door Store will be open during the Friday night market (open to adults only for shopping without little ones) and the Fair. Volunteer shifts in the Red Door Store are busy and fun! Ella Pedersen, Store Manager, will offer training in advance of the Fair to acquaint volunteers with the inventory and sales system.

As you can imagine, there are many busy hands at work preparing to create yet another memorable event in the tradition of the VWS.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Coordinating Committee members with questions or comments. We are here to help!

Thank you,
Laura Bergstrome & Mary Henley &

The regularity with which the Sun moves through the seasons, the regularity manifested in the growth of plants and in the life of animals, this regularity was once chaos. Harmony has been attained at the cost of great travail. Humanity stands today within the same kind of chaos, but out of the chaos, there will arise a harmony modelled in the likeness of the harmony in the universe. Peace to those who are of goodwill.
~ Rudolf Steiner, from Festivals and Their Meanings, Christmas 1923