2019 Children’s Winter Fair

Saturday, November 23rd, 10 am – 3 pm

Dear VWS Parents and Guardians,

Did you know that this year will be the 49th time our community comes together to create and host the Children’s Winter Fair? When the Fair was born in 1970, the intention was that it would be a gift from the parents and guardians to the children. Building on that intention, we now make an impact on everyone who comes to our school for the Fair. So much so, that we are known in the wider community for presenting a unique and distinctive event.

We are able to deliver on our commitment to creating something magical thanks to your support year after year. Because of the scale of the Fair and the fact that everything is set-up and taken down in less than 36 hours, everyone’s help is needed to bring the magic of the Fair to life. This is the only event in our annual calendar where all parents and guardians are expected to help, by committing to volunteer shifts, by baking ahead of time to supply activities like the Cookie House or Strings Cafe, or by stepping in where extra help is needed.

Thank you for reading the seven points of important information below to gain an understanding of the Fair and to figure out where and how you will get involved.

Children’s Winter Fair – Important Information

1. Class Assignments

Parents and guardians from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are required to sign-up for volunteer shifts before, during or after the Fair (note: Preschool and Parent & Tot parents/guardians are not required to volunteer). Typically, you will sign-up for shifts at the activity your class has been assigned (see table below). Set-up begins on Friday, November 22, at 1 pm following early dismissal at 12:25 pm. Depending upon the activity, set-up usually takes between two and six hours. Day-of volunteer shifts will usually centre around your class(es) activity(ies) during the Fair (10:00 am – 3:00 pm) as well as break-down and clean-up responsibilities after the Fair (3:00 pm – evening). There will also be volunteer tasks in the weeks leading up to the Fair to prepare for the class assignments. Stay tuned for more information from your Class Reps about your activity and volunteer shifts. Online sign-ups will be available by the first week of November.

Class Assignment



Baking Cookie House Cookies In advance of Fair (deliver to Grade School Reception on Nov 22)
Grade 1
Yule Logs Grade 1 Classroom
Grade 2
Silk Scarf Painting Grade 7 Classroom
Grade 3
Cookie House Red Rose KG Classroom
Grade 4
Decorations, Ticket Sales, Pocket Lady Grade School Campus, Entrance
Grade 5
Strings Cafe Grade 8 Classroom
Grade 6
Bairn’s Bazaar Grade 5 Classroom
Grade 7
Elves Workshop Woodworking Room
Grade 8
Candle Dipping Grade 4 Classroom
High School
BBQ, Shepherd’s Lunch Big Play Yard, Music Room, Community Kitchen

2. Class Reps as Activity Coordinators

Your Class Reps are the coordinators of your class activity unless the role has been assigned to another volunteer or two. In the coming few weeks, all coordinators will need to visit the storage room to check that everything you need is there. The storage room is in the school’s basement, which is accessed from the Grade 2/3 Play Yard. Keys to the basement and storage room are available from Laura, Mary or Ronaye.

Please check your Event Signage, which is in the storage room, and let us know if you need any updates.

Double-check that the number of volunteer shifts on your online sign-up forms is sufficient. There is still time to adjust if needed.

3. Food Donations – Baking plus Sweet & Savoury Finger Foods

Donated food is sold by Grade 5 families in the Strings Café – all kinds of baked goods, sandwiches, finger foods are very helpful and much appreciated.

The Cookie House requires approximately 500 pre-strung cookies that will be hung by Grade 3 families the night before the Fair. Kindergarten families will be baking for the Cookie House but we need extra bakers to support their efforts.

If you are baking gluten-free cookies, please string them with green string/ribbon/twine. If you are baking vegan cookies, please string them with blue string/ribbon/twine. Everything else, please string with red string/ribbon/twine – remember to make a hole in the cookies before baking so you can string them easily (a chopstick is useful for this job). Cookies need to be about 3 inches in diameter and can be baked early and stored in your freezer until the Fair. Please remember: all cookies must be nut-free.

Drop your goodies to Grade School Reception on Friday, November 22, by midday. Please clearly mark what you’ve prepared and their destination (e.g.: 2 dozen vegan cookies for the Cookie House OR Vegetarian Pizza for Strings Cafe).

To help activity coordinators keep track of things, please add your name to our online sign-up so we know what to expect.

4. Waldorf Winter Fair Night Market: Friday, November 22, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

For the third year in a row, we are hosting our Waldorf Winter Fair Night Market, which offers adults a chance to socialize and shop away from the gaze of children’s eyes. None of the classroom activities are open during the Night Market and some classes may still be setting up their activities while the Night Market is running. The focus of the Night Market really is for adults to come together and enjoy the beauty of the Fair at a slightly more relaxed pace. Helping out at the Night Market could involve greeting guests or selling popcorn.

To help Laura and Mary keep track of things, please add your name to our online sign-up so we know what to expect.

5. Red Door Store

The Red Door Store will be open during the Night Market, 6:30 – 9:00 pm (open to adults only for shopping without little ones) and during the Fair. Volunteer shifts in the Red Door Store are busy and a lot of fun. Ella Pedersen, Store Manager, will offer training in advance of the Fair to acquaint volunteers with the inventory and sales system.

To help Ella keep track of things, please add your name to our online sign-up so we know what to expect.

6. Lawn Signs and Posters

Lawn signs will be ready for pick-up the first week of November and will be at the entrance to the Grade School; please feel welcome to take one home for your front yard.

Posters are available across from reception. Please pick up a few and share them around your neighbourhood.

7. Grounds Decoration: looking for greenery to bring festive beauty to our outdoor spaces

During Fair set-up, it is wonderful for our set-up crew to have natural greenery – like tree boughs and hedge clippings – to use for decorating our space. If you, or someone you know, are pruning evergreen trees/hedges, please consider dropping trimmings that are in good shape in the designated spot at the bottom of the garden below the Community Kitchen, along the edge of the big Play Yard on November 21 or 22. Our Early Childhood and Grade School faculty will repurpose trimmings for our Advent Spirals in December.

While our Fair will always be a gift for our children, it also offers a special experience to every guest drawn to attend. It’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of work, and it’s an amazing celebration of our vibrant school community. Please be in touch with either of us or with your Class Reps if you need information. We are here to help.

Thank you,
Laura Bergstrome & Mary Henley
Development Office

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~ Rudolf Steiner, from Festivals and Their Meanings, Christmas 1923