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Waldorf education places the development of the individual child in the focal point, convinced that the healthy individual is a prerequisite for a healthy society.

-The International Conference on Education of UNESCO

About Vancouver Waldorf School

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, students learn from an early age to engage in their own learning process. The imaginative play and grace of the Kindergarten years evolve into an experience of meeting the beauty and complexity of the world with sensitivity and hope. This foundation leads to a rich academic high school experience that supports young men and women in realizing their full potential as students, as people, as members of the human community.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the school’s intention is to foster in children a sense of reverence and respect for life. The close relationships between students and teachers enhance learning and the ability to explore new interests and take on new challenges. Students are engaged in a learning experience both artistic and academically challenging.

Based on the insights of scientist and philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), Waldorf schools have developed into an international movement with nearly 1000 schools worldwide. By offering a learning method that strives to meet the physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of the developing child, the Vancouver Waldorf School integrates artistic activities and the movement arts throughout the curriculum, providing a balanced and well-rounded education since 1968.

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AWSNA Member Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Waldorf schools and institutes embrace respect for human rights and for the diversity of humankind, and we believe that valuing and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion comprise a journey of both moral and educational importance. Through our commitment to social justice, we recognize the value of addressing the historical context and the endemic nature of racism and inequality. This commitment is supported by an anthroposophical understanding of the spiritual nature of all humans and the importance of the conscious development of human relationships, as described in principles 1 and 5 of both the AWSNA Principles for Waldorf Schools and the AWSNA Principles for Waldorf Institutes. These principles state, respectively: “The image of the human being as a spiritual being informs every aspect of the school,” and “The conscious development of human relationships fosters individual and community health.”

Member Commitment to DEI

Adopted Declaration of British Columbia Waldorf Schools

British Columbia Waldorf Schools have, since their inception, espoused principles of respect for human rights and the diversity of humankind.  Today, all British Columbia Waldorf schools continue to define diversity as a range of racial identifications, ancestries, nationalities, native languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, family structures, ages, belief systems, gender and sexual identities, abilities, appearances, occupations, and political affiliations. Enhancing our diversity is a journey of both moral and educational importance and a learning and growth experience for our whole community.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

VWS Affiliations

AWSNA – Association of Waldorf Schools in North America is the home of Waldorf Education in North America, and the definitive source of news and information about Waldorf Education.
WECAN Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America is dedicated to protecting and nurturing the healthy development of the young child. Offers resources for early childhood educators and parents interested in Waldorf early childhood education.
FISA BC – Federation of Independent School Associations, BC is a non-profit society registered with the Corporate and Personal Property Registries office, Ministry of Finance of BC, Victoria, British Columbia.

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