Faculty & Staff

Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.

– Rudolf Steiner

Andrea McKenzie

Grade Four Co-Class Teacher

Angela Rose

Tutor (GS)

Anika King Chen

Parent & Tot, Handwork Assistant (GS)

Bart Stryckers

Strings Ensemble (GS/HS)

Beni Johnston

Grade Three Class Teacher

Bettina Hillaby

Education Support (GS)

Blanka Ponec

Preschool, Parent & Tot

Carman Ho

Admissions Coordinator

Cary Stewart

Education Support (GS)

Chris Henley

French (GS)

Christina Price

Grade Eight Class Teacher

Christiane Rolland

Librarian (GS)

David Szigeti

Strings Ensemble (GS/HS)

Ella Pedersen

Red Door Store Manager

Prof Evgeny Shcherbakov

Eurythmy Accompanist

Fia Dionne

Grade Two Co-Class Teacher

Greg Scott

Practical Arts (GS/HS), 2023 Co-Advisor

Gwen Elliott

English, Biology (HS), 2022 Co-Advisor

Dr Gwendolyn Point

Indigenous Consultant

Helga Strand-Nikoui


Huy Pham

Finance Manager

Isabelle Chappuis


Irina Shcherbakova

Choir, Flute Ensemble, Piano Accompanist

Jackie Burbidge

Preschool, Aftercare

Janet Jewell

Grade Two Co-Class Teacher

Jason Yates

Eurythmy (HS)

Jennifer Mitchel

Kindergarten Aide

Jenny Andrews

After School Program

Laura Bergstrome

Communications & Events Coordinator

Laurel Loughran

Eurythmy (ECC & GS)

Laszlo Budai

Bus Driver

Leila Alemi

Grade One Class Teacher

Leisha O’Donohue

Fine Arts & Crafts (HS), 2020 Co-Advisor

Linda Zheng


Lori Johnston

Grade Four Class Teacher

Lorna Fortin

Principal, Choir (HS)

Mara Johansen

Preschool Aftercare

Mariella Costanzi

Administrative Support

Marlies DeCeuster

Grade Seven Class Teacher

Mary Henley

Community & Resource Development Manager

Melissa Matthews

Student Aide (GS)

Nihat Tetiker


Nora Calcaneo

Handwork (GS)

Peggy Tan

Kindergarten, ECC Manager

Raja Chrimes

Grade Five Class Teacher

Ronaye Ireland

Grade School Reception

Sandra Valle

Grade Six Class Teacher

Sarah Vondruska

Vice Principal, High School Office Coordinator

Sayuri Ishimoto


Star Hoerauf

Handwork (GS)

Susan Connon-Wilby

Business Manager

Susana Caballero

After School Program

Susanne Schonthaler


Sylvain Munier

French (GS/HS), 2020 Co-Advisor

Tibor Jeremias

Physical Education (GS/HS)

Trish Dayal

Education Support (GS/HS)

Wei Liu


Dr Wendy Young

Science (HS), 2022 Co-Advisor

Photos by Haley Lorriane Photography + Design

Through a teacher who understands the soul, who understands people, the totality of social life affects the new generation struggling into life. People will emerge from this school fully prepared for life.

– Rudolf Steiner, The Spirit of the Waldorf School,
lectures surrounding the founding of
the First Waldorf School
Stuttgart – 1919