The Advent Spiral

The Advent Spiral is a tradition for children in the younger grades at the Vancouver Waldorf School.

The room will be darkened and filled with a mood of wonder and quiet anticipation. Cedar boughs are laid out to create a spiral with a lit candle in the centre. Interspersed along the edges of the spiral path are golden stars and stone crystals twinkling like a starry night. A lyre or harp may accompany the experience helping to create a special mood.

Each child takes a turn to slowly walk the spiral, holding a red apple with a small unlit beeswax candle inserted into it. As the child reaches the center, he or she lights the candle and then retraces his or her steps out of the spiral. On the return, the child places the apple and candle on one of the golden stars, bringing forth the Light.

Child after child has a turn, and more and more lit candles grace the spiral as the room begins to glow.

Read more about the celebration of Advent at the Vancouver Waldorf School here, beginning page 8.

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Vancouver Waldorf School | Advent Spiral

As a universal symbol the Spiral/Labyrinth appears throughout history dating some 4,500 years and appears cross-culturally over the face of our world throughout our known history.