AWSNA Accreditation Update

The principal objectives of the self-study are to provide a stimulus for excellence, help the school assess its strengths and weaknesses, and help the school confirm the validity of its priorities and planning for growth.”

~ AWSNA Accreditation Guide

Dear Community,

Over the course of the last year and a half, our school, meaning its parents, students, wider community, board, faculty and staff, have taken the time to look closely at our school. Out of this self-study came a beautiful report, highlighting our school’s strengths, innovations and challenges, which in turn has led to the identification of action points for our new Strategic Plan.

Copies of the self-study report are now available in the school library at the Grade School. A big thank you to former VWS class teacher Phil Fertey for being our scribe.

Thank you to all community members who participated in this process, including providing feedback on ThoughtExchange and attending last spring’s Community Forum where we presented the major findings discovered through the accreditation process.

On October 20-23, 2019, we will welcome an 8-person team of teachers and administrators from different Waldorf schools who have volunteered to come visit the VWS to provide us with objective insight into our school, using our own self-study report as the guideline. This team will ultimately be giving a recommendation to AWSNA regarding the full accreditation of our school.

Again, thank you for all your support.

With warmest gratitude,

Accreditation Steering Committee
Lorna Fortin
Susan Connon-Wilby
Marlies DeCeuster
Jann Winters
Rachel Garratt

*AWSNA = Association of Waldorf Schools of North America