AWSNA Visit Follow Up

For four days last week, our school had the pleasure of hosting the AWSNA Accreditation team, consisting of teachers and administrators from other Waldorf Schools.

As a gift before they left on Wednesday, they took the time to verbally share their warm observations of our school’s strengths, as well as the challenges they identified for our school. Then to guide us on our path forward, they read us a list of priorities and recommendations for the future, which we are ever so grateful for as an always developing and growing school.

In January, we’ll receive the final written report, as well as a decision regarding our full membership. We look forward to sharing this outcome with you, as well as some highlights from the report.

A heartfelt thank you to all who helped in welcoming our guests and showing our school!

Accreditation Steering Committee
Lorna Fortin
Susan Connon-Wilby
Marlies DeCeuster
Jann Winters
Rachel Garratt

*AWSNA = Association of Waldorf Schools of North America