Christmas at the Red Door Store

We have been able to open each weekday morning 8:30 – 10:30 am and almost every afternoon for half an hour at pick up thanks to our stellar volunteers. Thank you Ute and Nicole for your constant help and commitment!

The store is fully stocked with beautiful items for Christmas including Terrasoul’s Elderberry syrup gift kits, Melissa’s all organic shea butter essential oil balms which are perfect stocking stuffers, Claudia’s gorgeous glowing bee bowls and various glass straws offered for Grade 11 fundraising. There are still heaps of books including various Christmas titles. We have an assortment of crystals, geodes, agates, pink salt lamps and candles holders and just 2 sacred geometry sets left in each quartz crystal and amethyst. I am particularly smitten with the various gnomes, fairies and dolls in all corners of the store who are keeping watch over all things. Our new and improved POS system is able to tell us things about inventory like we sold 82 bars of modelling wax last month. It seems to me that a stocking isn’t stuffed unless it has a token beeswax modelling wax or 2. If you’re looking to avoid big, crowded stores this season, come and find some quality and useful treasures at the Red Door Store.

If there is enough interest we may be open for a few hours on the weekend of Dec 15/16th for parents who have not been able to pop in during our weekday hours. If a weekend opening is helpful to you please email Ella at

Ella Pedersen
Red Door Store
604-985-7435 |

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