Christmas Concert

Our Annual Christmas Concert is on Wednesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm at Highlands United Church 3255 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver. Please mark your calendars and take note of the below requirements.

Black & White Concert Dress Code

Concert performers are required to wear black pants, knee-length (or longer) skirts or dresses; white sleeved tops that cover the midriff and do not drape over the hand; with black shoes and socks or tights. Concert Dress code is more formal than everyday wear; please no jeans, boots or sneakers.

Required Arrival Time

6:15 pm – Grade 6, 7 & 8 Report to HS classrooms upstairs
6:30 pm – Grade 4 & 5 Report to HS classrooms upstairs
7:30 pm – HS Choir Report to Room 301 for warm-up

The teachers will tune the instruments before the concert.

Seating During the Concert

We ask that parents be with younger children/siblings at all times, including before the concert while performers are tuning up. Please do not bring food or beverages into the sanctuary.


Grade School students will rehearse at the Grade School on Tuesday, December 10 during school hours. It is important that all players have their instruments and music with them.


Help your child to remember to take their instrument home after school and bring it to the church in the evening. Remember to label both the instrument and case, to bring all music, and to bring the instrument home after the concert.


Attendance is required. Please notify the music faculty otherwise.

Early Dismissal

Please be advised that GRADE SCHOOL students will be dismissed at 1:15 pm on Wednesday, December 11.

Thank you,
Irina Shcherbakova, David Szigeti and Bart Stryckers
for the VWS Music Department