College of Teachers Update

Blanka Ponec Peggy Tan Beni Johnston Christina Price Lorna Fortin

Dennis Scott Sarah Vondruska Malcolm Nash Karen Broom Susan Connon-Wilby

Dear Community,

As College of Teachers Co-Chair, I would like to bring you a brief update on recent developments and discussions in our College meetings (every Thursday 1:30 pm-4: 00 pm).

Membership of the College is made up of individuals from both staff and faculty who express an interest in carrying the pedagogical and spiritual impulse of our school. These members are Blanka Ponec and Peggy Tan (ECC), Beni Johnston and Christina Price (GS), Lorna Fortin, Dennis Scott and Sarah Vondruska (HS), Malcolm Nash (Co-Chair), Karen Broom and Susan Connon-Wilby (Admin).

In addition to our inspiring weekly study on the Foundations of Human Experience by Rudolf Steiner, our main focus for the past few weeks has predominantly been directed towards High School matters. These items include:

  • the approval of a High School French teacher who will be starting February 1st
  • approval of some improvements and revisions to the High School course credit system and how credits are allocated towards the Dogwood Diploma
  • discussion on how best to support the social and emotional health of both individual students and classes as a whole
  • review of various classes including the recent Grade Ten play
  • looking ahead at the High School end of year trips
  • strengthening High School student retention and how to support the transition from Grade Eight to High School.

Other items that have been discussed are:

  • approval of the 2017-18 Action Plan
  • organization for the Kim Payne Professional Development day
  • looking ahead to next year’s calendar, in particular, the dates for the Christmas Fair and Festival of the Arts.

The College of Teachers also approved Partial-Day Program applications, student extended absences of more than two days and faculty absences of more than 3 days.

Please email the College of Teachers at for further clarification or questions.

Lorna Fortin
College Co-Chair