Festivals & Fairs

Festival life is rich at the Vancouver Waldorf School. Thanks to the wealth of experience and creative flair of our families, faculty, and friends; our students have the opportunity to shine on stage, celebrate the turning seasons, honour the Saints of old, and develop a reverence for life.

Festivals play an important part in Waldorf education. Throughout history, festivals have marked the rhythmical passing of time, reflecting nature’s seasonal rhythms and cultural celebrations. They contribute to bringing shared consciousness and unity to community life.

The elements of festivals – light, food, song and story – speak deeply to children’s imaginations. Our weekly school rhythm weaves into seasonal festivals to celebrate life in ways that help foster wonder, reverence and gratitude.

The Vancouver Waldorf School celebrates festivals that are primarily connected to the Christian calendar; in other parts of the world, Waldorf schools celebrate festivals that are relevant to their particular geographical and cultural context. However, we acknowledge and share other religious customs and celebrations enjoyed by our students’ families whose participation helps make our festivals meaningful. Parents are welcome to keep their children home in observance of their own religious holidays.

As we enter into the preparation of our celebrations, you will find pertinent information in our School Newsletter. In addition, many books are available in our Parent Library that may give a deeper picture of the fundamental values underlying our activities.

Celebrating festivals can bring us consciously to what we all experience instinctively in our daily lives, the changing cycles of the seasons and of life itself. Through various festivals and rituals, we acknowledge and celebrate our connection to and our responsibility toward each other and the world.

~ Marilyn Pelrme