Class Representatives

Class Representatives provide a vital line of communication between parents and teachers at the class level and assist the Class Teacher in coordinating class activities, plays and trips. Class Reps. also welcome new families to the class and help ease the transitions of families into the daily life of the Vancouver Waldorf School.

Potential Class Representatives are approached by each Class Teacher at the end of a school year with a request to serve the school in this capacity. Being a Class Rep. provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the marvels of Waldorf Education through close contact with the Class Teacher and fellow parents.

Parents may look at the Phonebook in Renweb to see the Class Reps for each class or contact for more information.

Many programs are trying to effect educational reform from the outside in, but the greatest immediate power we have is to work to reform from the inside out. Ultimately, human wholeness does not come from changes in our institutions, it comes from the reformation of of our hearts.

– Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach