Parent Groups

Parent Council

Founded in 2004, the Vancouver Waldorf School Parent Council works collaboratively with parents, faculty and administration in many areas of school life and offers a place of initiative and social renewal. We are a group of parents who bring our creative minds, open hearts and working hands together in service to support and connect the parent body to the rest of the school. We apply for and manage the resources of a Government Grant supporting student-centric activities and support events such as the Christmas Fair, school concerts and graduations. View our mandate Parent Council Mandate.

The Parent Council is composed of willing and able parent volunteers. Meetings occur periodically and regular communication occurs as needed via email, phone or in person. Current members include Linda Baker, Laura Bergstrome, Walter Daroshin, Trish Dayal, Mary Henley, and Judy Stott. To find out more about who we are, what we do and how to join us, please contact Laura at parentcouncil @

Class Reps

Class Reps provide a vital line of communication between parents and teachers at the class level and assist the Class Teacher in coordinating class activities, plays and trips. Class Reps also welcome new families to the school and help ease the transition into the daily life of the Vancouver Waldorf School. Potential Class Reps are approached by each Class Teacher at the end of a school year with a request to serve the school in this capacity. Being a Class Rep provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the marvels of Waldorf Education through close contact with the Class Teacher and fellow Reps.

Parents may contact Mary, the Class Rep Chair at development @ for more information.

The more you think of taking part, of interesting yourselves in what happens in the Waldorf School, the better the Faculty will succeed in working in unity with you for the betterment and blessing of your children, and thus for the whole of future humanity.
– Rudolf Steiner