Grief Circle, Friday, November 2nd, 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the Roundhouse
“Death is a Wild Night and A New Road”… Moved by these expressive words by Emily Dickinson, we may struggle with the deep mystery of death. Sometimes, just being with others can offer solace. All are welcome to join a simple community ceremony of grieving for those who have passed over the threshold. Our gathering pays homage to the first memorial evenings held in the mid-1990s, co-created by Colin Dutson, Rita Costanzi and Abegael Fisher-Lang. Adults and teens in our community are welcome, though the Grief Circle is not for children. The evening will include poetry and music, an address on life after death and a shared ritual of lighting a candle and sharing a memory of one who has died. Participants may bring a photo, or small memento, of their beloved. This evening will be non-denominational, inclusive, and respectful of all paths and practices which can offer solace at end of life. Abegael Fisher-Lang, Life Cycle Celebrant and Death Doula, will facilitate this evening, to include presenters from the school and larger community. Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this event may contact Mary Henley at or 604-985-7435 x226.