Development Update

April 2019

Over the course of the Spring Break, as I witnessed the beauty of such a dramatic season change, I felt a deep appreciation for the time to get together with parents, alumni parents, colleagues and mentors over food, crafts, walks and playdates. What a gift it is to be invited into relationships with people and to connect over shared values, common interests and great conversation. Even when opinions and perspectives differ, a dialogue rooted in kindness and respect will always yield a healthy interaction.

My job at the school is to support the continued growth of our community and I am committed to ensuring the safety, visibility, and beauty of our diversity. I am working to formalize our approach to diversity and inclusion so our position and actions are clear. If you are inspired to participate in this work, or even curious about the work itself, please be in touch with me to learn how you can help.

Another area where your help has been tremendously valuable is in sharing your insights about fundraising. Building on your suggestions, questions and comments, we have decided to direct all monies raised through fundraising initiatives like the Grocery Card Program, one-off donations, our monthly donor program, and events like the Children’s Christmas Fair, to a Community Fund. I am so pleased to share that the balance of this fund currently sits at $37,103. Your willingness to participate in the Grocery Card Program at higher levels over the past few months has definitely had an impact. Our last fundraising cheque from SPUD was $1,007.05 (Sept-Dec), which brings the total raised through the Grocery Card Program to $7,205 this school year! Our next steps will be to work together to determine the priorities of this fund so it serves as a mechanism to reflect the values of our community. Please come and see me if you would like more details about the Community Fund or about fundraising in general.

I look forward to more conversations in the sunshine, seated on our incredible new yellow-cedar benches, as we move into the warmer months. Thank you for your ongoing support and care.

Mary Henley
Community & Resource Development Manager