Vancouver Waldorf School | Preschool

For children 3½ to 4½ years old

Three day Preschool program

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
8:30a to 12:00p

Two day Preschool program

Thursday and Friday
8:30a to 12:00p
Vancouver Waldorf School | PreschoolWaldorf Kindergartens have mixed age groups, including children from three and a half to six and a half years old. Our preschool and kindergarten activities follow the pedagogical principles of age appropriate and rhythmical activities with increased variety, depth, and complexity. Our daily activities focus on rhythm, language development through artistic expression, development of social skills, and encompass free play, puppet shows and story telling, cooking and baking, singing and movement games, circle time and painting.

Our work with young children unfolds according to the natural rhythm of the week and the seasons, celebrations of festivals and cycles of stories and verses.

For more information, contact our Admissions Coordinator
604-985-7435 ext 200