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Early Childhood Education at The Vancouver Waldorf School

After over forty years of existence, we are very pleased to host our programs for young children in our Early Childhood Centre, erected in 2004 to serve the needs of young children. Our centre was designed and built following principles of healthy and sustainable living, including non-toxic Vancouver Waldorf School | Early Childhoodpaint and non-off gassing cabinets to reduce toxic compounds and improve indoor air quality, energy efficient lighting design and natural daylight scheme, energy star rated appliances for reduced use of natural resources, and recycled wood flooring and high use of local and regional material.

Our landscaping offers ample opportunities for age appropriate exploration, providing scented flowerbeds, gardens for planting and digging and plenty of space for crawling, running, and climbing.

The Vancouver Waldorf School Early Childhood Center is fully licensed; our staff meet all licensing requirements and are experienced child-care providers with Waldorf training.

Waldorf Pedagogy for the Young Child

Young children are very open to their environment, and their capacity to live deeply into all that surrounds them is at the root of their learning. We call that capacity Imitation. We strive to provide an environment worthy of imitation, where children can play imaginatively and creatively, gradually developing a balanced feeling life which will lead in turn to a solid and creative capacity for thinking and lively intellectual life.

We strive to present our young students with a world of beauty, that will nurture their sense of ease, joy, and peace.

Vancouver Waldorf School | Early ChildhoodYoung children benefit from a strong sense of routine and predictability, and we work with a very regular rhythm for our daily and weekly activities. Music and verses accompanied by movement, stories, practical activities of cooking, gardening, sewing, and artistic activities of painting, modelling and drawing, all contribute to the balanced, joyful, and healthy development of young children.

Our Early Childhood Center offers programs for young children 3 to 6½ years of age. Parents of children in the Vancouver Waldorf School find themselves supported by a community of families who share and explore the challenges and experiences of bringing up children today. We encourage you to find out what Waldorf ideas have meant to other families.

Vancouver Waldorf School | Early Childhood Education

WECAN Full Membership

WECAN Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America is dedicated to protecting and nurturing the healthy development of the young child. Offers resources for early childhood educators and parents interested in Waldorf early childhood education. It includes, besides the WECAN bookstore, a wonderful page of resource articles and information for parents and families.

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