Faire Child Weatherwear

Faire Child Weatherwear is waterproof, breathable, windproof, lightweight, moisture-wicking, mud/dirt repellant, soft on the skin, machine washable, recyclable, and made in Canada! It features brass buttons, taped seams, reinforced top stitching and reflective patches. Sizing is meant to adjust over 3 years for maximum wear. Faire Child as a company supports environmentally responsible manufacturing processes & materials, and equitable wages. Fabric is made from spun plastic bottles and the used garments may be returned to the company at the end of their life for further recycling.

We currently have a minimal supply of Midi Coats and Rain Pants in the Red Door Store if you would like to come and see it up close. They also offer a waterproof mitten. Please refer to their website, Faire Child Weatherwear Collection, for sizing details before placing your order through the Red Door Store.

Ella Pedersen
Red Door Store Manager
reddoor @ vws.ca | Instagram: vws_reddoorstore