Festival of the Arts

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Vancouver Waldorf School,

We warmly invite you to our 31st annual “Festival of the Arts” at Centennial Theatre on Wednesday, March 13th at 6:30 pm. Students from Grades Two to Twelve will present a varied program of choral and instrumental music, eurythmy, drama and recitation, and other surprises from the classrooms. There will also be a beautiful display of our students’ work from Handwork, Practical Arts, and High School Fine Arts & Crafts.

Tickets are only available at Centennial Theatre from the box office: www.nvrc.ca/centennial-theatre/whats-on/spring-festival-arts. Tickets for adults are $20.00, students and seniors $15.00, and 12 years and under are $5.00. Performing students do not require tickets. Babies, one year and younger, are free and will not have their own seat in the theatre.


Important practical notes

  • Students rehearse at Centennial Theatre during school hours and are transported by School Bus.
  • There is an early dismissal for Grade School students only on Wednesday, March 13th at 1:15 pm.
  • Students in Grade 8 will be dismissed from Centennial Theatre at approximately 1:45 pm. Students who require bus transportation will be brought back to the Grade School in time to catch the school bus home.
  • High School students are dismissed from Centennial Theatre after their rehearsal (Approximate time for HS dismissal is 3:00 pm.)
  • The Festival of the Arts on March 13this an important school event and all students in Grades Two to Twelve are required to attend.
  • Grade One children are warmly invited to attend this event with their families. All younger children must sit with their parents and must also be supervised in the theatre lobby.
  • Grades Two to Twelve students will sit with their teachers, in the reserved seating areas for each class.

Festival Dress Code

Dress is important for this Festival. All students will receive word of their costume requirements from their Class Teacher or Advisor. All students should look ‘neat and presentable’, including hair neatly arranged. All Grade Seven & Eight students are required to wear a white top and dark pants or skirt. As this performance is a showcase event for the school, please avoid sending students in running shoes or sneakers. Many Grade School classes will receive their costumes at the theatre.

Arrival time

All student performers should enter through the “Stage Doorlocated at the bottom of the ramp on the east side of the theatre. (See https://goo.gl/pcxi4X for map).  Please do not drop your child off before their assigned time below.

  • 5:30 pm – HS Ensemble students arrive.
  • 6:00 pm – Stagehands arrive. Enter via ramp and Stage Door.
  • 6:00 pm – Arrival time for Students in Grades Two – Eight. Please enter through the Stage Door.
  • 7:00 pm – Arrival time remaining HS students. Please enter quietly and go to the Rehearsal Studio directly, as the performance will have started. The Studio Entrance is on the southwest corner, just left of the main ticket box entrance (see https://goo.gl/ZQZvke for map).

Please do not send younger students (Grades Two – Six) into the theatre before 6:00 pm. We cannot attend to the needs of younger students before 5:55 pm and their early arrival can be disruptive to the music rehearsals.

Note: There will be several teachers at the Stage Door entrance to assist younger students to their places.

Parent Volunteers

Please note that Centennial Theatre requires ALL who are occupying a seat to present a ticket and enter through the main theatre entrance due to capacity and fire regulations. If you are volunteering backstage, please enter the theatre through the main entrance and present your ticket prior to 6:30 pm.                                                                                       


At intermission and during the 2nd half of the program, all students will remain with their classes. Parents of younger students who will be leaving at intermission should pick their child or children up in their class section. Grades Two – Five will remain with their Class Teacher and their class during the intermission. (20 minutes).


Food and beverages may be enjoyed in the lobby before the performance and at intermission. Food and drink are not allowed in the theatre during the performance. Only Grades Six – Twelve students will be allowed to go independently to the lobby during intermission.


It is the school’s policy not to allow any photography during performances. Only our school photographer will take photos on behalf of the school that evening. We have this rule in place to support the students’ focus on their presentations, and so that everyone can enjoy the live performances without distraction.


Please refrain from yelling, hooting or stamping during the performance to demonstrate good theatre etiquette to our students.


Please park your car first and escort younger performing students to the Stage Door Entrance. There is a drop-off zone in the parking lot that you can use for older students. The parking lot fills up quickly; so please allow time for parking. There will be a teacher at the Stage Door Entrance from 5:45 pm to 6:15 pm.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to sharing our students’ artistic work and to celebrating a wonderful evening with you!

Laurel Loughran and Laura Bergstrome
Festival of the Arts Organizers