Festival of The Arts

Whereas the purpose of our school assemblies is to nurture a sense of community and mutual appreciation in our student body, our Festival of the Arts is a public presentation of our students work from grades two through twelve. Wednesday, March 13, 2019, at Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver.

The program includes eurythmy, drama, singing, orchestra, and recitation, and a display showcasing student handwork, ceramics and pottery, woodwork, drawing and painting.

The nurturing of the child’s potential is valued within the ‘whole’ context of society and in relation to the ever wider local, national and global sphere of activity. Co-operation rather than competition.

Imagine the world without the arts – no paintings, music, movies, dance, poetry or novels. The importance of art in a child’s education is undeniable, however art education is on a decline. Art has proven to keep children in school, provide motivation, and help children better understand the world in which they live.

Art is a universal language that has stretched over several generations and cultures. Often the best record we have of the past is the art that has been left behind. The visual arts, drama, literature, and music enhance the awareness as well as the understanding of other cultures, both of the past and present, enabling children to better understand and communicate with others. Children learn to appreciate the diversity amongst others.

Art in a Waldorf school is not presented without relationship to the rest of the curriculum. It is integral to every moment spent in school. The music program begins informally from the first day of Kindergarten. Every day, every class in the school sings. Music is fully integrated into the day as it brings the breath to every lesson.