Finding Lightness in the Dark | VWS Winter Wonder Chalk Drawing by Christina Price

Finding Lightness in the Dark

During the autumn term, our children transitioned from the long, care free days of summer to the order and and structure of fall. Some adapted to beginning schooling for the first time, while others have returned for another year; their bedtimes are earlier, and perhaps they are learning to balance homework with extra-curricular activities; they are eating packed lunches; and are adjusting to the buzz of social engagement, all while taking in the lessons lovingly prepared by their teachers.

As parents, we have attended class meetings, pageants, and festivals; come out for parent education evenings; coordinated and/or supported fundraisers; welcomed international students into our homes (or sent our own children abroad!); and have hosted our largest community outreach activity, and gift to our children, the Annual Children’s Christmas Fair.

To say the fall has been busy is an understatement!

The turning of the seasons has come at a perfect time. The days are increasingly growing shorter as we lean towards the Winter Solstice, and seemingly instinctively we begin a process of hibernation as we perhaps light our candles and fires for the first time; enjoy heartier meals of porridge, soups, and stews; and become more intentional in our social engagements.

It is at this time, around the world, that Waldorf schools celebrate the season of Advent, a quiet festival of hope, waiting, and searching for lightness in the dark. Children in Preschool, Kindergarten and Grades 1 through 3, will walk the Advent Spiral; and parents of all Grades may prepare the gift a warm, simple homemade lunch for their children’s teachers. If your family celebrates a festival not currently marked on our calendar, please speak to you class teacher about creating the opportunity to share from your heritage and faith.

Carrie from the Parenting Passageway, frames the season beautifully, “It is my fervent hope this holiday season that no matter what our spiritual leanings are, that we are all working toward and being the most loving, compassionate people we can be. Our children need that,”… “I hope this holiday season and throughout the year we can all treat each other with respect and dignity. We are one in humanity.”

May you find lightness in the dark.

For a window into the Advent Spiral, please visit the Festivals post here:
Chalk art by Christina Price, Class Teacher.