Gift Card Program – passing the torch

Community Story – Rachel Garratt

When my son started preschool in the fall of 2014, I was almost immediately on the lookout for a way to get involved in the school community. Because my parents were founding members of a Steiner (Waldorf) school in Australia and my sister and brother-in-law are Waldorf teachers, I grew up learning that Waldorf schools are strongest when parents offer their time and resources in whatever ways they can best manage. I also learned that Waldorf teachers do not work a job with standard hours; they devote their lives to the children in their charge and hold them deeply in their hearts and minds. When I thought about how I would get involved, I knew that I wanted to support our hardworking teachers so I started looking for a way to do just that.

I stumbled upon the idea of fundraising with gift cards and realized that raising money for the school would benefit our whole school community, including our teachers. Being a new parent, I was unsure of how to bring the idea forward as I did not know how to navigate the school. After chatting with more experienced parents, I decided to approach the Board of Trustees with the idea of launching a gift card program for the school that I would run and manage. Running the program since then has required many volunteer hours but I have found the time very fulfilling. Through the Winter Term, I have transitioned the Grocery Card Program to Huy Pham, Finance Manager, and Wei Liu, Bookkeeper, in the Accounting Office. Before I step back altogether, I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made a change to their grocery shopping habits to support the school through this program. It would not have worked without you!

Rachel Garratt
(Red Rose Kindergarten and Grade Two parent)