VWS Grocery Fundraising

If you…

  1. Eat food,
  2. Want to raise money for Parent Council initiatives that support our children without spending any extra money than you already do, and
  3. Would like to have a chance each month to win a $50 gift card

…then please get involved with our grocery fundraisers!

How our Grocery Fundraising Works

There are two ways to support our school through grocery fundraising.

  1. Purchase gift cards from the school
    Supporters purchase gift cards from the school at face value and get face value at the retailers.
    The school makes money by buying the gift cards in bulk and receiving discounts from the stores (between 2- 10%).
    Cards are available for pick-up twice a month.
  2. Purchase gift cards or fundraising boxes from SPUD to earn between 10-25% for the school. To get started click here
    We have teamed up with SPUD.ca to earn rebates on items purchased and delivered directly to your home or office.
    Please see www.vws.ca/giving/spud-fundraising for more detail.

How Does the Gift Card Ordering Work?

Gift card orders can be submitted, changed and halted easily from any of your devices using our online order form. A paper form is also available from Grade School reception or printed at home from the link at the bottom of this page. There is an option to place a recurring order or you can place individual orders as you need.

At this time, payment options include direct debit; credit card; or post-dated cheques provided at the time of ordering.

Payments are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month with gift cards available for delivery shortly after. Gift cards can be collected in person or sent by mail.

VWS parent, Rachel Garratt, manages the program with support from the VWSS Board of Trustees, Class Representatives and VWS staff.

For more detail on the program feel free to contact Rachel Garratt at vwsgiftcard@vws.ca.

What Gift Cards are Available Through the Program?

Gift Card Program Coordinator, Rachel Garratt, conducted a survey of families in October 2015 to help determine which stores should be included. The gift cards on offer will continue to evolve as stores agree to take part in our program and also as the community’s needs change.

All gift cards can be used across multiple trips and none of the gift cards ever expire.

Donald’s Market
Gift cards can be used at all Donald’s Market locations. They have stores in Hastings Sunrise, Commercial Drive, River Market New Westminster and Port Coquitlam. Donald’s Market is an independent market offering quality products for an affordable price. It is packed with healthy varieties including an organic section and hard-to-find items requested by customers.
They are offering the school an excellent return so this store is the best choice for those living in Donald’s neighbourhoods or for those transiting through the Hastings/Nanaimo area.
2% – 6%
(Depending on volume purchased.)
Gift cards can be used at Save-On-FoodsOverwaitea Foods, Cooper’s FoodsPricesmart Foods.
Gift cards cannot be used for Save-On-Foods online delivery service at this time.
Save-On offers better discounts for the school than President’s Choice because they have lower minimum spends to get the higher percentage returns.
They are a BC-based company with locations all across Western Canada including close to the school at Lynn Valley Village and also a larger store at Park & Tilford – across the road from the Return-It Depot to make even more money for our school’s initiatives!
Choices Markets
Gift cards can be used at all eleven Choices Markets locations. On the North Shore, they are located at Marine and Fell Aves. Choices Markets is a local, BC owned and operated retailer of natural, organic and specialty foods.
Originally opened in 1990, Choices is proud to be celebrating over 25 years as a local, grassroots grocer committed to their customers, communities and planet.
With a 7% return for the school, Choices cards are a great option.

2% – 5%
(Depending on volume purchased.)
Gift cards can be used at any President’s Choice stores as well as at the gas bars. This includes but is not limited to: Real Canadian Superstore, City Market, Loblaws, Joe Fresh, No Frills, Super Valu and Independent.
PC® gift cards can be used for anything in-store except tobacco, liquor or items from in-store third-party businesses.
President’s Choice is a store brand owned by Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada’s largest food retailer. Their cards offer the greatest variety of store choices and product offerings, such as clothing and home-wares in addition to your groceries.
Their minimum spends for each level of rebate are higher than other stores, with the 5% return not kicking in unless we spend $20,000 in the month.
Having said that, based on your survey responses collected last October, we may be able to meet that level within our community if everyone gets involved.
T&T Supermarkets
Gift cards can be used at any T & T Supermarket and Osaka Supermarket. There are locations all across Greater Vancouver, including the Osaka Supermarket at the Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver. T & T Supermarkets differ from other supermarkets by featuring many uniquely Asian food products not available in other retail outlets.
Shopping at T & T is like taking a journey through parts of Asia where one finds fresh mangoes from the Philippines, crispy snacks from Japan, sauces from Hong Kong, noodles from Taiwan, spices from Thailand and a variety of flavours from China and other Asian countries. They also have fresh seafood, an in-house bakery, an Asian deli, a Sushi and a Chinese BBQ department.
Established in 1993 by T & T Supermarket Inc., they continue to expand, merging with Loblaw Companies Limited in 2009.
Gift Cards can be used in all Safeway stores. (Gift Cards cannot be used in liquor stores or Safeway U.S Grocery Stores.)
Safeway Gift Cards may only be used to purchase merchandise from their stores and are not valid towards the purchase of other company’s gift cards, event tickets, Lottery, or Transit tickets and passes.  Safeway Gift Cards may not be exchanged for other Safeway Gift Cards.
Safeway is a Canadian supermarket chain with stores all across Western Canada, including at Lynn Valley Village.

*Please note, Costco do not offer a bulk purchase gift card program so it will not be possible to include them in our Program.

How Will the Monies Raised be Used by VWS?

No independent school can charge the full cost of educating its students without pricing itself out of the market. Every independent school including the Vancouver Waldorf School relies on fundraising to sustain their programs. Fundraising enables the school to grow and expand, and allows us to continue to make Waldorf education available to children from diverse economic backgrounds. The Gift Card Program is just one of the many ways the school raises funds. The proceeds from the grocery fundraising program are held and managed by the school’s Parent Council. Parents, friends, staff and faculty may request funds for school projects at any time.

The available funds are assigned based on the needs in a particular year and include support for High School, Grade School, Early Childhood and school-wide initiatives. Examples include funding for trips, supplies, playground/school equipment, events and more.

Gift Card Funding Diagram


How Much Has Been Raised?

Since the program began in 2015-16, we raised close to $20,000. This money was raised with only about 20-30% of the community taking part.

Please help to spread the word within the school, but also amongst your family and friends. The more people involved, the more funds we will have to put towards initiatives for our children.

Getting Involved

A program such as this is only worth the administrative effort if all families are involved. We would like to strongly encourage all families in the school to purchase a minimum of $200 in gift cards each month. Remember this is not additional money from your pockets rather it is money that you will change into gift cards to buy your groceries. With this commitment, we would hope to make in excess of $20,000 from the program in the 10 months it will operate this year. The more you can buy in gift cards, the higher this number will be. Think of the initiatives we could undertake for the children with that money!

Monthly Giveaway!

As a thank you to families for participating in the program, we will be giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky winner each month. Winners, who will be drawn at random, will be able to select which of our participating stores they would like the gift card from. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will tax receipts be issued?

Tax receipts will not be issued for this program. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation please see www.vws.ca/giving/donate-online.

If you need a receipt for your cards for some other purpose, contact Gift Card Program Coordinator, Rachel Garratt at vwsgiftcard@vws.ca.

Do the gift cards expire?

None of our gift cards have expiration dates. Regulation of gift cards is under provincial jurisdiction, and all Canadian provinces have specific laws prohibiting expiration dates on gift cards.

Can the gift cards be used online?

Each store is different. Please see the “What Gift Cards are Available Through the Program?” section above to check the store in question.

Can I use a partial amount of the gift card?


What happens if I lose my gift cards?

The gift cards should be treated like cash. They cannot be replaced if lost.

Can I return my gift cards if I find I’m not using them?

We want this program to work well for everyone involved. If you purchased some gift cards and find that you are no longer shopping at that store and not using the cards, contact Gift Card Program Coordinator, Rachel Garratt at vwsgiftcard@vws.ca to discuss options. We may be able to exchange the gift cards for a different store.

What happens if my gift card won't work?

Contact the store directly or contact Gift Card Program Coordinator, Rachel Garratt at vwsgiftcard@vws.ca and she’ll do her best to assist you.

Will I receive my store reward points (E.g. Air Miles, More Rewards, etc.) if paying by gift card?

Yes, store reward points are given when making your purchase with the gift cards (not when the school buys the gift cards).

Didn’t find the question you were looking for?

Submit a question here vwsgiftcard@vws.ca


Online Grocery Card Order Form
Order Form PDF
Program Brochure
How Do I Get More Information?

Please check the FAQ section of this page or contact Gift Card Program Coordinator, Rachel Garratt at vwsgiftcard@vws.ca or on 778-772-3601 for more information.