Gr 12 Project Presentations

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May 1, 2016

As the culmination of the past year’s work, the Grade Twelve Presentations provide the opportunity for our graduating students to demonstrate their readiness to move on from a High School learning environment into their chosen paths as young adults.

The Grade Twelve Projects are a representation of what our striving, creative students have come to, in a specific area of interest, out of the ideals and the foundation of Waldorf education. The projects are assessed from several points of view. Teachers evaluate research and writing skills, originality of thinking, manifestation of ideas and concepts, oral presentation and the ability to answer questions based on the student’s research, as well as project’s artistic and practical components.

Gr 12 Project Presentations

Grade 12 Project Presentation 2016 Group 1

Grade 12 Project Presentation 2016 Group 2

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