Vancouver Waldorf School | Grade School

Grade School


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
– William Butler Yeats

Vancouver Waldorf Grade School

Class 1

The bridge between kindergarten and the grades. The curved and the straight line. Fairy tales and the alphabet. Oneness. Pentatonic flutes, knitting, painting, languages, Eurythmy, beeswax modelling, and play.

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Class 2

Awakening to the world of feelings – wonder, pity, joy. Fables and foibles, legends and Saints. Rhythmic counting and multiplication. Form Drawing, grammar, painting, modelling, crochet. Languages, flute, singing, and Eurythmy.

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Class 3

The turning point of childhood: the 9 year change. Farming, gardening, baking. The Old Testament, building, form drawing, languages and grammar. Drama, music, singing in-round, Eurythmy, and introduction to the recorder.

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Class 4

The 4th grader finds balance in the 4 elements, directions, and seasons. Cross stitch, Celtic knots, fractions, geography, local history, History of Canada’s Indigenous People, Norse mythology, heros and the Kalevala. Grammar and composition. The comparative study of humans and animals. Strings, choir, Eurythmy performance, PE and French.

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Class 5

The Golden Age of childhood! Enhanced consciousness and sense of self as an individual. History and Geography. Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt & Greece. Study of the living earth, freehand geometry, fractions and decimals. Choir, strings, practical arts, Eurythmy, painting, PE. Greek Pentathlon.

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Class 6

Geometrical Drawing, Natural Science: Astronomy & Mineralogy, Language Arts, Mathematics, Roman History, Physics, European Geography, & Medieval History.

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Class 7

Perspective Drawing, Late Medieval History, Mathematics, Grammar, Physiology, Geography & Age of Exploration, Physics, Renaissance History, & Chemistry.

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Class 8

Geometry, History, Mathematics, Human Anatomy, Meteorology, Organic Chemistry, Physics, & World Geography.

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