Class 3

The turning point of childhood: the 9 year change. Farming, gardening, baking. The Old Testament, building, form drawing, languages and grammar. Drama, music, singing in-round, Eurythmy, and introduction to the recorder.

A New Outlook Towards the World

Main Lessons

Language Arts

  • Literacy
  • Basic elements of grammar (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation)
  • Cursive writing
  • Speech Formation (Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb)
  • Independent reading
  • Comprehension and Sequencing
  • Story Writing


  • All Four Operations (long division & multi-digit multiplication, add and subtract columns)
  • Advanced carrying and borrowing, charts, data collection and problem solving
  • Measurement: distance, capacity, weight & time
  • Geometric Movement

Natural Sciences

  • Shelter building
  • Nature Study
  • Gardening
  • Farming
  • Cooking

Geography & History

  • Hebrew language, culture, rituals & history
  • Shelters: climate and location in relationship to ancient and modern house building techniques
  • Grains: nourishment and world cultures
  • Study of Practical life
  • Pioneer Life

Specialty Subjects

  • French
  • Watercolour Painting, Form and Freehand Drawing, Beeswax and Plasticine Modelling
  • Knitting – three-dimensional project, Sewing, Crochet
  • Music literacy through story, Singing in rounds, Pentatonic flute & beginning diatonic recorder, Notation of rhythm & notes
  • Eurythmy, Cooperative Games, Day Hikes
  • Farming field trip/over night
  • Class Play based on curriculum
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