Class 5

The Golden Age of childhood! Enhanced consciousness and sense of self as an individual. History and Geography. Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt & Greece. Study of the living earth, freehand geometry, fractions and decimals. Choir, strings, practical arts, Eurythmy, painting, PE. Greek Pentathlon.

The Golden Year

Main Lessons

Language Arts

  • Independent Writing
  • Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Speech Formation/Dramatics
  • Composition/Creative Writing
  • Novel Study
  • Plays


  • Freehand Geometry
  • Fractions
  • Factoring
  • Decimals
  • Ratio
  • Long Division
  • Multiplication

Natural Sciences

  • Botany
  • Zoology

Earth Sciences

  • Canadian Geography

Social Sciences

  • Greek Mythology and History
  • Ancient Civilizations: Egypt, India, Mesopotamia and Persia

Specialty Subjects

  • French (develop memory, language, translative thinking and vocabulary skills)
  • Watercolour painting, Form and freehand geometric drawing, Sculptural modelling, Woodwork
  • Cross Stitch, Sewing, Four-needle Knitting for mittens and hats
  • Strings, Recorder, singing, Music literacy, Choir
  • Cooperative Games, Greek Pentathlon (discus, javelin, wrestling, long jump, and running), Team sports, Eurythmy
  • Greek Pentathlon, multi-night overnight trip
  • Class Play based on curriculum
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