Class 8

Geometry, History, Mathematics, Human Anatomy, Meteorology, Organic Chemistry, Physics, & World Geography.

Exploring Integration and Interconnectivity

Main Lessons

Language Arts

  • Creative Thinking and Critical Reasoning
  • Oral Presentation
  • Vocabulary Development
  • English composition, grammar and spelling
  • Reading
  • Research Skills and Report Writing
  • Poetry and Short Story Analysis and Writing
  • Composition/Creative Writing
  • Speech Formation/Dramatics
  • Advanced Literature
  • Short Story
  • Shakespeare


  • Pre-Algebra, Mechanical/Mathematical Geometry
  • Review of solids and measurement

Natural Sciences

  • Physics: Hydraulics, Aeromechanics & Electromagnetism
  • Chemistry: studying the properties of Sugars, Starches, Proteins, Fats & Oils
  • Physiology and Nutrition

Earth Sciences

  • Geography: surveys of landforms, oceans, atmosphere, climates and ecosystems

Social Sciences

  • American Revolution to the modern day
  • Industrial Revolution to modern history
  • French Revolution
  • Reformation

Specialty Subjects

  • French
  • Painting, Clay Modelling, Drawing, Drama
  • Machine-sewn garments, Woodworking: building a useful object, like a small table
  • Strings, Recorder, Singing
  • Sports, Eurythmy, Cooperative Games
  • Camping trip
  • Grade 8 play production: Shakespeare comedy, musical or operetta, or a well known classic
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