HARVEST LUNCH – Friday, October 5

As the squirrels are gathering in their nuts for the winter, we are gathering in our vegetables from our gardens.

On Friday, October 5 at 11:40 pm, the Grade School students will sit down with the teachers, staff, and community elders to a Harvest Lunch.

If you wish to contribute to our harvest soup pot, please send donations starting Monday, October 1 and no later than Wednesday, October 3. A table with baskets will be set out in the front entranceway for the purpose of collecting the vegetables beginning next Monday.

Our soup pot would especially love something from your garden or the following suggestions:

  • Grade 1 –carrots or zucchini
  • Grade 2 –carrots or leeks
  • Grade 3 – celery, tomato paste
  • Grade 4 – oregano, thyme, bay leaf
  • Grade 5 – onions and greens
  • Grade 6 – onion and garlic
  • Grade 7 – root vegetables
  • Grade 8 – celery, potatoes, yams

Speaking of pots… we use many pots in the making and serving of this soup, more than are in our school kitchen. Can you loan us a pot? We gratefully accept large and medium-sized pots. Please deliver your soup pots directly to the kitchen and mark them with your full name for easy return.

If your child is gluten intolerant or has dairy or egg allergies, please send him/her with a replacement bread and cookie.

Thank you for your harvest offerings,
Gwen Elliott, Master Restaurateur

Harvest Lunch Pumpkins