Have Your Say Online

Thanks for your input

A heartfelt thanks to all those who took the time to provide valuable input into what we are doing well and where we have the greatest opportunities for growth or improvement.  We are excited to have received over 130 thoughts and over 2400 ratings of those thoughts to help us determine what is most important from the perspective of the community.  We will distribute a summary report of your Thoughtexchange input as soon as possible.

Whilst not every piece of input received can be included in our AWSNA Self-Study Report and resultant Strategic Plan, the AWSNA Steering Committee will certainly share the feedback you provided with Faculty and Staff.

As can be the nature of online input sometimes, certain participants did not word their answers as ‘opportunities for improvement’ and did not live out our school values in their commenting.  We take all input seriously however and the beauty of Thoughtexchange is that the star ratings will help us determine which areas for improvement need to be prioritized first.  We do ask that you please remember our school values in all that we do in our community even when acting anonymously.

In January, we will gather the last of the input from the Board and the in-person opportunities for the upper grades students to provide input will also be held.  We look forward to then presenting a draft of the AWSNA Principles Assessment at the community forum on April 24, 2019.

If you have any questions or want to provide further input to the AWSNA Self Study work please email asc@vws.ca or reach out to a Committee Member.

AWSNA Steering Committee
Lorna Fortin (Principal)
Susan Connon-Wilby (Business Manager)
Marlies De Ceuster (Class Teacher)
Jann Winters (Parent Representative)
Rachel Garratt (Parent Representative)