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High School Overview

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, we prepare students for more than just university or college. Adolescents long to know the truths of the world, and they rightfully question everything and everyone. Waldorf teachers recognize that behind their questions stands Vancouver Waldorf School | High School an inner quest for meaning and self-knowledge. The interdisciplinary curriculum in a Waldorf High School provides a unique framework to meet this quest. For example, students extend their understanding of scientific concepts through drawing, modelling or poetry, they discover the evolving relationships of science, art, and religion in their study of history, and in reading and discussing the medieval legend of Parzival, they engage in an examination of the roots of core cultural values.

In a Waldorf high school, our aim is to develop the students’ capacities for critical and independent thinking while respecting and nurturing their emerging individualities.

According to a national study of Waldorf graduates, 94% attend college or university and 89% are “highly satisfied” in their choice of occupation. ~ AWSNA 2006 Alumni Survey

Students are taught to understand and value the world of the past, know and love the world of the present, and be a part of creating the world of the future.

The academic rigour of the curriculum is always partnered with artistic and practical experiences. Students have opportunities in all subjects to deepen the content of their classes artistically or through practical experience, whether they are diagramming a chemistry experiment, sculpting Platonic forms, or creating a portrait for history class. This not only cultivates artistic skills, but it also allows students to develop their own interests and deepens their experience of each subject.

The Vancouver Waldorf High School is a community in which students are recognized for their uniqueness and are allowed to safely explore their individual and social potential, Vancouver Waldorf School | High Schoolboth in the class setting and in the fabric of the whole school. Small class sizes allow our dedicated teachers to take a personal interest in every student.

Upon successful completion of our High School program, students will be awarded a Vancouver Waldorf High School Certificate and a Dogwood Diploma, the BC School Completion Certificate, provided they have met the Graduation Requirements.

Graduates of the Vancouver Waldorf High School have been accepted to and attend colleges and universities across North America. Just as important as their academic success, our graduates value life-long learning. They are self-reliant and self-confident, they strongly value interpersonal relationships, they are highly tolerant of the viewpoints of others, and at work, they care most about ethical principles and value helping others.

When Waldorf students reach us at the college level, they are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. Such students possess the eye of discoverers and the compassionate heart of the reformer, which, when joined to a task, can change the planet.

– Arthur Zajonc,
Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics, Amherst University

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