I spent the first semester of Grade 11 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I attended the Micael Waldorf School, which I absolutely loved. I found the school community very similar to our school here. The Grade School and the High School are situated in the same location, but in different buildings. I had regular classes, but in Portuguese! I didn’t have any experience with the language before I went to Sao Paulo, and this made the first part of the exchange very hard as you can imagine. I loved learning new words, and when I started to understand conversations, it was so amazing.

The Brazilian culture is very rich and full of life. Friends and family are held close to the heart; song and dance are a part of everyday life and individuality is embraced. For me this was a refreshing change from the North American culture, but it also allowed me to see different aspects of life in Canada that I had never noticed before.

~Sally Hope